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The Ultra-Trail Australia 100K
     UltraRunning  |  August 2017

Matt Flaherty's Guide To Trail Running Travel

     Territory Run Co.  |  July 2017

New Zealand's Old Ghost Ultra: A Destination Race Par Excellence
     UltraRunning.com  |  July 2017

A Hike On the Tecumseh Trail Now Ends In Destruction
     Limestone Post  |  June 2017

Building a Legacy: The Tarawera Ultra
     UltraRunning  |  April 2017

The IAU 100K World Championships
     UltraRunning  |  March 2017

Local Ultrarunner Competes In 100km World Championships
     Limestone Post  |  November 2017

The Benefits of Speeding Up Recovery in Interval Workouts
     Competitor.com  |  May 2016

What Makes It "Our Race" (Chuckanut 50K)
     UltraRunning  |  May/June 2016

A Runner's High on LeConte
     UltraRunning.com  |  April 2016

The Mist That Almost Wasn't (Mountain Mist 50K)
     UltraRunning  |  April 2016

Coaching Methods in Ultrarunning: Contrasting Views
     UltraRunning  |  December 2015

The Appeal of the Road (IAU 100K World Championships)
     UltraRunning  |  November 2015

So This Is Skyrunning (Power of Four 50K)
     UltraRunning  |  October 2015

Three Kings in Sweden
     UltraRunning.com  |  August 2015

Modern Day Voyageurs
     RunningTimes.com  |  July 2015

Momentum Builds for the Comrades Marathon
     UltraRunning  |  May 2015

Training and Racing in the Heat: A Pragmatic Guide
     UltraRunning  |  April 2015

The Rise of the Running Camp
     UltraRunning  |  March 2015

A Hoppy Partnership: Brewery Sponsors in Ultrarunning
     iRunFar.com  |  November 2014

JFK Celebrates 52nd Year
     RunningTimes.com  |  November 2014

Finding My Sisu: A Suunto Runner's Story
     Strava.com  |  May 2014

The Ice Ages: Records Fall in Wisconsin
     RunningTimes.com  |  May 2014

American River 50 Finds Its Identity
     RunningTimes.com  |  April 2014

Fast Front Running Prevails at the Mount Washington Road Race
     RunningTimes.com  |  June 2012