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I'm a professional runner, freelance writer, and personal running coach. I've been running for most of my life—XC and track in junior high, high school, and at the University of Illinois; marathons since 2007; and trails and ultras since 2010. I love racing all distances and terrains, though my favorite is runnable, 50-mile trail races. 

You can find all my training on my Strava page.

If you are interested in personal coaching, you can find details on my Coaching page.

You can contact me at MattAFlaherty |at| gmail.


Anonymous said...

Terrific website. It will be easy to follow your races and results this way. Can't wait to see the results of the upcoming international work.

Joanna said...

Hi Matt. Saw you this weekend at the Patagonia International Marathon as you soared past the half marathon starting point. Congrats on your win! I am an American living in Punta Arenas, Chile and would love to hear about your experience down here!

Matt Flaherty said...

Hi Joanna, thanks for the note. Did you run the half then? Hope you had a great experience there!

The race was a lot of fun. I'm writing a piece about my experience for RunningOnBliss.com, which should be up within the week. You can keep an eye on my social media channels and I'll be sure to post when that article goes up. You can always get in touch via email as well. Cheers,


Stu Palmer said...

Hey, I just read your piece on San Blas published back in 2010. Great piece. Great race. We moved to PR for 1 year last year so our children could be around their great grandmother while still living. Ran road races and track meets all over the island. The best were the little local runs in the mountain towns. San Blas was the highlight. Even more so than the World's Best 10K. Coamo is a mob scene that weekend. Crowds are fantastic. That hill is brutal, especially in the sun. We are back in Maine, but plan on a long weekend next winter just for San Blas. I also jumped in a the first even PR 150, a 159 mile cross island run. Only 3 guys started. I dropped after 51 miles once into the mountains. #2 guy after 65, but the organizer finished in just under 43 hrs. Unreal course through all the highest peaks straight across from Ceiba to Rincon. Luigi Dessy is his name and I think a couple of weeks ago he did it again this time with another finisher. This will be an annual event I think.

Matt Flaherty said...

Hi Stu,

Thanks for commenting! El Maraton San Blas was a really incredible experience, and one of my first international ones, long before I ran for a living. I'd love to go back sometime; what an atmosphere! Glad you enjoyed it as well.

Thanks also for the tip re: the cross-island race. That sounds really neat, and like something I may want to add to my bucket list. I think I'm still a few years away from 100+ milers, but maybe some day! I'll check out their site.

Cheers! Be sure to say hi if we ever find ourselves at the same race!

Alli Rosen said...

Hi Matt, I heard your music on the Ultra Runner Podcast. Your beautiful song "Jeannine" has been stuck in my head for the past two days so I came here to listen to it. I hope you can make some songs available for download soon because I need this song on my playlist! I love it! Thanks for sharing your music with us!

Matt Flaherty said...

Hi Alli, glad you enjoy the tune! I'm hoping to put things together in a better-produced album soon, so planning to hold off on download availability until then. Life keeps getting in the way. :) But hopefully this year sometime.

Jamie Boudreaux said...

Hey Matt!! Also got addicted to Jeanine after hearing it on URP. What was the inspiration for the song? The lyrics seem very personal and yet resonate loudly with me and my own path. If you've explained before, feel free to just point me in that general direction. I love the hunt. Great music all around. Please, please release something I can buy soon.


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