2015 Races

Salomon CityTrail Minneapolis 10 Mile  |  May 18 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
        1st place, 59:36
        Race Report  |  Results

Power of Four VK  |  July 18 – Aspen, CO
        10th place, 48:27
        (Race Report in September issue of UltraRunning)  |  Results

Power of Four 50K  |  July 19 – Aspen, CO
        15th place, 6:26:30
        (Race Report in September issue of UltraRunning)  |  Results

UltraVasan 90k  |  August 22 – Mora, Sweden
        7th place, 6:21:05
        Race Report  |  Results
100km World Championships  |  September 12 – Winschoten, Netherlands 
        24th place, 7:01:08
        (Race Report in November issue of UltraRunning)  |  Results

New York City Marathon  |  November 1 - New York, New York
        31st place, 2:29:01
        Race Report  |  Results


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