Matt's Muesli

The perfect breakfast. :)
A number of years ago, as I learned more and more about how healthy raw nuts and seeds are, I started stirring them into smoothies and my morning oatmeal.  But at some point I realized if I switched to muesli, I would greatly increase the volume of raw nuts and seeds I was eating.  For about two years now, I've been making my own muesli as a go-to breakfast to power my day.

Here's the recipe (I buy all my ingredients raw and organic from the bulk section of my co-op):

- rolled oats (4 cups)
- walnuts (4 cups)
- almonds (2 cups)
- sunflower seeds (2 cups)
- pumpkin seeds (2 cups)
- raisins (2 cups)
- date pieces rolled in oat flour (2 cups)
- pistachio nuts (1.5 cups)
- chia seeds (1.5 cups)
- hemp seeds (1.5 cups)
- flax seeds (1 cup)

Feel free to add or remove any nuts/seeds to suit your tastes (I occasionally use dried cranberries or sesame seeds, for instance).

Packed with a wide variety of nutrients and healthy fats
The only real steps are to grind the flax seeds and chop the walnuts and almonds. Then you just combine all ingredients and stir them together.  My yield is about 5 quarts (or 20 cups).  Buying raw and organic can seem quite expensive (even in bulk), but is actually fairly economical for how nutrient-dense it is.  A batch usually ends up costing in the neighborhood of $45-50.  For breakfast, I cut about 1/3 cup of the muesli with a splash of granola (for a touch of sweetness) and enjoy with grass-fed milk and fresh fruit.  That means I can get around 75 servings out of a batch, well under $1/serving, or maybe about $1/serving if you include the cost of granola, milk, and fruit.