Breckenridge Mountain Running Camp

I announced this on my social media channels last month, but I'm very excited to be helping out with a new ultrarunning camp this summer!  Mike Ambrose and Vertical Runner, with some help from Salomon et al. are hosting the Breckenridge Mountain Running Camps in June through August.

Each camp (there are three different sessions) is Monday through Friday and also lines up with a major Colorado race the following weekend.  The idea is that campers may be interested in spectating, crewing, or even racing at these events, and the camp affords a great opportunity to do so since you're already in the area.  My camp, July 6 - 10, lines up with the epic Hardrock 100 (July 11), and I know that I, for one, will be staying on to watch a bunch of awesome people thrown down in the San Juans.

All of the details can be found on the site linked above, but the essence of it is living in a big luxury house with a bunch of other likeminded ultrarunners for the week, training in the stunning Colorado Rockies, and enjoying a host of other benefits (yoga, massage, presentations from coaches/nutritionists/elite runners, etc.).  Basically just a whole lot of fun!

Early bird registration lasts a few more days, until the end of February, so NOW is a great time to sign up if you're interested!  Plus, if you use a Flaherty-referral code, "FOM10," you get an additional 10% off (this code lasts past early bird registration as well).  There are a handful of other discounts for locals who don't need lodging, military/veterans, and groups.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!  Hope to see you there.