Old Friends, New Partners

I'm happy to be joining Salomon for the fourth year in a row.  It's hard to believe it's been that long since I started running ultras, and managed to acquire sponsorship after a hastily-rushed ultra "season" in 2011: TNF 50 Wisconsin (1st), UROC 100k (3rd - 7 days later!), and the Chicago Lakefront 50 Mile (1st) in a six week span.  It's been a great ride with Salomon, which has been very supportive.  I love the shoes and gear, their commitment to innovation and supporting top athletes.  The team just keeps getting better, with superstars Max King, Dakota Jones, and Ellie Greenwood all joining the team this year, along with my friend Justin Houck (et al.), whom I met and raced at White River 50 this year.

Sharing beers post-WR50 w/ my new teammate Justin Houck
In the last three years, I have also partnered with a handful of other great companies.  After one mistake in 2011 joining a company I didn't really believe in, I've been much more careful in pursuing sponsors, choosing only those with products I use and believe in.  Among these are:
Suunto — the Ambit 3 is absolutely incredible, in no small part due to the bluetooth technology
Julbo — great shades, great folks
Swiftwick — best wicking socks I've tried 
UGo Bars — hands down the best bar I've ever had—handcrafted in Bloomington, IN, all whole foods, no preservatives (like just about everything else on the market
Quaff ON! Brewing Co. — the passion of the #QuaffNation (the owners, the employees, the Quaff ON! Racing Team, and those who enjoy the brews) is inspiring; this is a great group of people in southern Indiana pursuing their passions and dreams

I'm very grateful to all of these companies for their support, as they help me to chase my dreams.  I'm also very excited to announce two new partnerships this year.

First, I'll be joining Flora Health as an ambassador.  Flora makes some incredible products and I'm excited to represent the brand.  Some of my favorites include Udo's Oil, 7 Sources (a vegetarian oil blend high in EPA & DHA (Omega3s)), and Manuka honey.  You can check out their full line here.  The team of athletes that Flora has assembled is truly spectacular and I'm honored to be part of the group. 
Also new in 2015, I've joined the PocketFuel Naturals team!  PocketFuel has a great line of nut butter blends that are great on-the-go fuel.  They are great with fruit or on a sandwich, but also by themselves.  And for longer races especially, they make great in-race fuel.  I also love their cold brew coffee shots. :)  Another cool thing about PocketFuel is that they make larger (20 oz.) containers of their nut butters so you can refill a softflask or PocketFuel pouch to reduce on waste!