Photos from Patagonia

A collection of photos from my time in and around Torres del Paine in Patagonia, Chile.  I was there for the 2014 Patagonian International Marathon 63k race. 
Morning in Puerton Natales
The swank Hotel Remota in Puerto Natales
The shoreline of Última Esperanza Sound in Puerto Natales 

Willie McBride, Yassine Diboun, and Anne-Marie Dunhill with a life-sized statue of the extinct Mylodon, a giant ground sloth that lived in the Patagonia region until about 10,000 years ago
Sunrise on the morning of the Ultra Trail Torres del Paine 
Pre-race shakeout run with Michael Doyle of Canadian Running magazine 
Lamb roast after UTTP (the 40-lamb roast for the PIM would come the next day) 
American Andy Brett, winner of the UTTP 42k 
Yassine Diboun taking a much deserved seat after his UTTP 109k victory 
Los Chilenos enjoying their alcoholic winnings

An oversized wooden medal for the PIM 63k win
The trek to Mirador Las Torres

Forest on the hike to Mirador Las Torres
Mirador Las Torres
Trekking to Las Torres, the iconic pillars of exposed granite and the park's namesake
Snowmelt patterns below Las Torres
Yassine climbing up to our picnic spot
Our lunch break just below Las Torres, off trail and ~1,000 vertical feet (best guess) above Mirador Las Torres
Contemplating the descent
Descending the massive snowbank; much fun! 
Headed to Los Cuernos
Lago Nordenskjöld on the hike to Refugio Los Cuernos
Inside the mini 2-person cabins at Refugio Los Cuernos; warmed by a wood stove
Wood-fired hot tub at Refugio Los Cuernos. Lux.
Sunrise viewed from my cabin at Refugio Los Cuernos 
Early in a 35.5 mile day of fastpacking on the "W" route in Torres del Paine
Willie and Yassine running on the "W" route as Glacier Grey comes into view
Glacier Grey behind Lago Grey with chunks of glacier floating down the lake
Yassine and Willie at Refugio Grey, midway through our 35.5 mile run/trek 
The backside of Las Torres in the late afternoon
Sunset near Campamento Italiano 
A few sketches from my travels
Punta Arenas, the evening before my departure