Quaff ON!

I'm excited to announce a new partnership with Quaff ON! Brewing Co., a stellar brewery based here in the heart of southern Indiana trail running country.  For the uninitiated, 'to quaff' is 'to drink heartily and with gusto' (and copiously).  That's pretty much how I like to run as well—heartily and with gusto—so it's a natural fit!  Especially when you consider my affinity for great beer and brewing.

Quaff ON! operates out of Nashville, Indiana, about a half hour east of Bloomington, at the foot of Indiana's best trail running in Brown County State Park. But its beer is available all over Indiana (and other states soon), and it's opening a tap room in town—Quaff ON! Bloomington—in the next month. 

The brewery has already had its hand in trail running for a bit with the Quaff ON! Racing Team, a great group of local guys and gals ripping up the trails. As the team's Facebook page puts it: 

"Amongst the picturesque hills and hollers of Brown County, Indiana, lies a landscape made for weekend warriors to get away from the concrete jungles and seek adventure on the numerous secluded dirt trails and challenging bike routes around the county."

I'm happy to be joining this crew and representing the Quaff ON! brand and its lively spirit in my racing and running adventures around the country.  If you see me racing around the Midwest or beyond (basically, any race I drive to), make sure to come say 'hi,' and hopefully I'll have a few Quaff ON! brews in tow to share!

You can get all the latest from Quaff ON! on its website, Facebook page, the Racing Team page, or Twitter (@QuaffONBrewing).

Enjoying a Hare Trigger IPA and a book post-long run!