UROC to Tussey (Training, Sept. 23 - Oct. 13)

The last three weeks of training consisted mainly of tapering and recovering.  First tapering for the disappointing DNF at UROC, and then recovering from the effort I put forth there.  Then last week, I ended up getting a bit sick (and still am a bit), so I was still taking it pretty easy, trying not to exacerbate my cold and hoping to be fully healthy for the USA 50 Mile Championships at Tussey Mountainback this coming weekend.

It wasn't exactly the training I was hoping for, which has unfortunately been a theme for the last several months it seems.  That said, I'm still pretty fit—I think fitter than I was this spring when I ran fairly well American River, Ice Age, and Cayuga Trails (all 50 milers), and also set PRs at 10 miles and the half marathon.  So assuming I'm recovered enough from recent illness, I could be in for a pretty solid race at Tussey.  This race will be exciting not only due to its championship status, but due to the competition.  My neighbor to the north, Zach Bitter, is back to defend his title from last year.  I think the course is slightly different this year, but Zach ran a very stout 5:35:51 last year (just off of Michael Wardian's CR) on a course with 5,000+ feet of vert.  Adding to the mix is my Salomon teammate David Riddle, fresh off a solid 50k in Canada.  David was gearing up for the IAU World 100km Championships before they were cancelled.  He's shifted his focus to this race and the TNF50 Champs in December, so he should be fit and fast as well.  David, Zach, and I were first, third, and fourth at the Ice Age 50 Mile in May, so it's a bit of a rematch.  I'm sure there will be a few other guys in the mix as well, given the championship designation.

Week of 9/23

Monday: 6 miles easy
Hour up on Table Mountain with my friend Andy Krack.

Tuesday: 7 miles easy
Easy run in Boulder (roads).

Wednesday: 5 miles easy
Ran up Sanitas and around on the trails a bit.  Freshly reopened from all the flood damage.

Thursday: 5 miles easy
Ran w/ Cam Clayton around the Copper Mt area.

Friday: 3 miles easy
Short climb up Copper Mountain to check out the terrain.  Even in the mild snow beginning to accumulate, it was clear that my Sense Mantras would not be the ideal shoes for the next day.  I went with the Fellraisers instead for race day.

Saturday: UROC - DNF
Ran 35 miles before dropping.

Sunday: Off

Totals: 61 miles

Week of 9/30

Monday: Off
Driving across the country to Wisconsin.

Tuesday: AM - 4 miles easy
Ran with Cassie and Eric in Madison.
PM - 8 miles easy
Trails w/ Eric.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy

Thursday: 12 miles moderate
Lakefront path in Chicago, pretty solid pace.

Friday: 12 miles moderate
Started easy with Kyle Larson on Lakefront Path, then picked it up solo for a while.

Saturday: 3 miles w/ 1 mile in 4:59
Third Annual Nick Willis Tribute Mile in Chicago—paced my old roommate to a sub-5.

Sunday: 12 miles moderate-plus
Lakefront path run, turned into a bit of a tempo, running 5:20-5:40 pace for about 7 miles.

Totals: 57 miles

Week of 10/6

Monday: 8 miles easy

Tuesday: 14 mile exploration run
Ran with Ben Bartley and Scott Breeden in Bloomington, exploring some woods and new trails/roads—longer run with some good moderate-paced portions.

Wednesday: 7 miles easy
Feeling a bit sick, took it easy.

Thursday: 7 miles easy
Still feeling sick.

Friday: 12 miles moderate
Griffey Trails.

Saturday: 9 miles easy
Ran a 10k and a 5k loop out at the 8 Hours of Payne event at the Paynetown Rec Area and Pate Hollow (the event was officially cancelled as a result of the government shutdown).

Sunday: 8 miles moderate
Riverfront run in New Albany; still have a nagging cold.

Totals: 65 miles