Taper/Recover (Training, October 14 - 27)

The last two weeks of training were pretty boring.  Just tapering for the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK 50 Mile and then recovery.  Finally getting back to regular training in the coming week.  I should have a solid three weeks of work before tapering again for JFK on November 23. 

Week of 10/14

Monday: 12 miles moderate w/ ~4.5 mile basic tempo on singletrack

Tuesday: Off
Still feeling just a bit sick (lingering sore throat /cough) and probably just a bit lazy as well.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy
Ran with Tracy and Rebecca, UGo Bars co-founders, and officially joined the UGo Bars team!

Thursday: 8 miles easy w/ drills, 8 x 100m (avg. 14.96)
Up to the IU track for 100 reps on the straights, walk/jog the curves.

Friday: 4 miles easy
Shakeout around campus before driving to Pennsylvania.

Saturday: 3 mile easy
Shakeout on the Tussey course from mile 8 to 11, driving the rest of the course as a tour.

Totals: 83 miles

Week of 10/21

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 4 miles easy
Still pretty wrecked; perhaps should have held off one more day.

Wednesday: 4 miles easy

Thursday: 5 miles easy

Friday: 4 miles easy 
Shakeout in the morning before heading to Michigan for a weekend of camping.

Saturday: 2 miles (1 easy, 1 quick)
My crew up in Michigan had a little mile "race" on an uphill, dirt road mile where we were staying.  I was helping to pace another guy along to a sub-6, and we were running easy through the (flat) first half and hit 2:42.  So I decided to try to break 5, but ended up going 5:15.  It simply wasn't happening between the hill, 50-mile fatigue, and the 4 or 5 beers I had in by that point. :)  

Sunday: Off 
One last day to relax before getting serious about training again.

Totals: 19 miles