Wild Lightning Strikes Again (Training, Aug. 26 - Sep. 1)

I've finally given my bike a name after our 9 year relationship.  Wild Lightning.  Sounds like the name of a horse that can't be tamed.  Which is about right.  I got in a minor little bike wreck on Friday evening, and while the damage was pretty minor, I did end up taking a few days off as a result.  I got Wild Lightning for free in the summer of 2006 from a friend's dad.  She's a steel frame Giant road bike from the 1980s, and I just love her, even if she's a bit janky (and overdue for a tuneup).  She's also caused a few wrecks over the years due to said jankiness.  But she's been through several other wrecks caused by other things (a couple of doorings, a bad pothole, etc.) and been a trooper through those incidents, so I feel like we've been through a lot together! 

I'm not exactly sure what happened on Friday, maybe a gear skipped or a pedal slipped a bit or something, but I just sort of lost my balance and took a spill as the bike slid out from under me and I fell forward.  Just some minor scrapes to the hands and knees, but the issue was that my chin slammed into the pavement as well.  This tore a big gash, and since my chin immediately swelled from the impact, the gash opened up pretty wide.  I almost certainly should have gotten stitches, but that would have required an ER visit, and my insurance has a pretty high deductible.  I know from a dooring incident last year, when I had to get 8 stitches to repair torn cartilage in my ear, that an ER visit would probably cost me in excess of $1,000. 

So I just cleaned the wound, closed it up with some Butterfly closures, covered it with a bandaid, and hoped for the best.  The wound was still pretty open and oozing some stuff in the coming day or two, so I figured running would be a bad idea.  With the high heat and humidity, there's no way bandages would have stayed on, and I was trying to use the butterfly closures in place of stitches to hold the wound closed, in order to heal.  Hence the days off at the end of the week.  I'd hoped to get a long trail run in, but no luck.  However, my knee has been bugging me a bit since Monday's long run, so it might be good that I gave it a little break.  Monday's long run was the only real quality on the week, though it was very high quality given the conditions.  I also got a bit of climbing in on Friday.

Monday: 24 miles w/ ~1700' vert., 6:33/mile avg.
Boltinghouse loop from my house, all on roads.  Was cruising pretty good, like 6 flats or faster, for a lot of the flat-ish sections, but man do those giant climbs (and a slower start) kill the times.  It was also well over 90º heat index by the time I finished a bit past noon.  And humid.  I drank 2.5 liters of water during the run (took my SkinPro 3 bag, which I plan to use at UROC), and I still lost 6 lbs during the run.  Absolutely ridiculous.  My calves also took quite the beating—more than the quads, surprisingly—nearly cramping on me near the end.  Finally, did the run on no breakfast and no fuel.  

Tuesday: 5 miles easy
Original plan was to do a double long run Monday/Tuesday (same route), but yesterday just took way too much out of me.  The heat obviously had a lot to do with that, but my shredded calves were another big factor.

Wednesday: 8 miles moderate; Functional Strength
Ran late after a friend's visit; very hot and humid.

Thursday: 10 miles moderate
XC course, late again due to heat.

Friday: 11 miles w/ 6x up and down Griffey Hill, 1,000' vert. on the whole run; Functional Strength
Run at sunset due to heat.

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Off

Totals: 58 miles, 2x FS