Training, Sept. 2 - 8

I had a solid week of training, especially given that it was only on five days running.  I took Monday off just to give my chin one more day to try to heal (post-bike wreck) before I got all sweaty w/ no real hope of bandages staying on.  Probably could have run, but my knee was bothering me a bit too, so a few days off probably didn't hurt.  I also got my strength work in on three day, which is adequate.  Feeling a bit better about that aspect of the training.

I wanted to get one last ultra training stimulus in before UROC, especially since I failed to get planned back-to-back long runs in last week due to the heat.  I ended up doing 40 miles on Thursday, which is actually the longest training run I've ever done.  It was all on roads, as I was also thinking ahead to Tussey Mountainback, the USA 50 Mile Road Championships, which I'm racing three weeks after UROC.  I didn't feel very good or fresh going into the 40 miler, and it was yet another hot and humid day, so overall I was happy with the run.  

I also got a nice 90 minute effort on singletrack trails at Pate Hollow on Sunday.  Naturally, 40 miler fatigue had me running a bit on the slow side, despite running a pretty honest effort.  This run wasn't the best for recovery from the 40, but it was another great ultra stimulus to be climbing, pushing the downhills, etc. through the fatigue.  The real key to benefitting now though, is to make sure I take the first few days of the coming week easy to allow the body to recover and catch up a bit.  

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 10 miles moderate
Singletrack up at Griffey Lake.  Knee bothering me a bit, not sure if it's just from pushing downhills in training or from the bike wreck.

Wednesday: 10 miles easy; Functional Strength
Easy run on the rail trail, trying to baby the knee a bit, though it still hurt some.  Iced knees post-run.

Thursday: 40 miles w/ a little shy of 3,000' vert
All roads; ran to Morgan-Monroe State Forest via my Boltinghouse route w/ an extension up Miller Road to M-M.  Averaged low 7 minute pace for the first 30 miles before a short break at Butler Winery to get more water (and a glass of wine... and some food)—averaged more like mid-sevens from there back.  Every time I was on anything relatively flat, my effort had me running 6:30-6:40s, but all the climbing really slows things down.  Especially since I was taking the downhills pretty gingerly, worried about my knee.  I was pretty dead the last 10 rolling back to town, but that was kinda the point.

Friday: Off (from running); Functional Strength
Just some walking and biking around town to get the legs moving.  Planned on running, but while I was doing FS in the evening, I had a sharp pain in my fifth metatarsal on my right foot.  I think it took a beating on the roads, and I didn't want to risk breaking it due to overstress, so I decided to give it a day off.  My right plantar was also bothering me during and after yesterday's run.  I think both of these issues were more or less caused by the camber of the road.  Since I'm the left side most of the time (due to traffic /safety), my right foot is always having a bit of forced excessive pronation.  On a 10 mile run, it's not so bad, but over 40 miles, one can imagine how the road's crowning might affect biomechanics negatively.

Saturday: 8 miles easy; Functional Strength
XC course; felt pretty decent given Thursday's run.

Sunday: 12 miles moderate w/ a little shy of 2,000' vert
Double loop at Pate Hollow (singletrack).  Didn't run until mid-day.  Between the heat and humidity and general fatigue from Thursday, I felt pretty rough.  All the same, ran a solid effort on tired legs just to get a little ultra stimulus and take advantage of the trails I was running.  45:58 for first loop (counterclockwise), 42:53 for second loop (clockwise), using the big map off the parking lot as start/finish.

Totals: 80 miles, 3x FS