Training, Aug. 19 - 25

This week was a bit of a down week, partially due to fatigue from last weekend's Abe's Amble 10k race, partially due to a planned calm before the storm.  The storm being a planned back-to-back long run Monday/Tuesday next week on the hilly roads of Monroe County, Indiana.  I tried to squeeze in two workouts, neither of which went great, but it was good to get those in place, especially Friday's hill session.

I've really done very few workouts all year it feels like; the first 3-4 months I was just trying to get running consistently again post-injury.  Then in May and June, I raced (or paced a race) 7 weekends out of 8.  There was no real time for workouts; I just sort of raced my way into decent shape.  Then since I started this current block of training in early July, it's really just been mileage and mountain running.  A lot of fitness yet to gain—just need to keep my head down and keep working.  Consistency is king.

Monday: 10 miles moderate
Singletrack in Springfield.

Tuesday: AM - 6 miles easy
Couldn't sleep last night, so just woke up and went for a run; felt terrible though—crazy how heavy my legs can feel just from a few hours less sleep.
PM - 3 miles easy; Functional Strength Routine (FSR) 1
Ran over to the Glenwood High School track to watch practice and talk to the kids and Coach Garber (an old high school teammate of mine)

Wednesday: 5 mile warmup, 6 mile tempo at ~5:30s, 5 mile cooldown
Failed tempo—the plan was to do 10 miles, but I just didn't have it today.  Breathing was super heavy from the start.  Probably still a bit run down from Sunday's race, which is understandable.  I just wanted to get the workout in today for the sake of scheduling later in the week.

Thursday: 8 miles moderate; FSR2
Back in Bloomington, ran around town.

Friday: AM - 5+ mile warmup, light drills (ankle pops, heel-to-butts, A skips, B skips) and strides (4x), 4x hill repeats w/ run down recovery, 4 mile cooldown; FSR1
Hill repeats at the near-side Griffey hill, a tough one to be sure.  Planned on 6 reps, but pushed it too hard, and 4 was all I could manage.  Times for the climbs were 1:56, 1:53, 1:53, 1:51, w/ run down recoveries averaging about 1:30-1:40 including turnaround time at top and bottom.  Nice downhill stimulus for the legs as well.  Pretty incredible how difficult this was; it just shows how much hill training has been lacking from my training the last three years.  This needs to become a weekly workout for me.
PM - 6 miles easy
Ran with InRunCo owner Ben Bartley on the Rail Trail.

Saturday: AM - 10 miles moderate
XC course and a bit of singletrack.
PM - 6 miles easy

Sunday: 8 miles moderate

Totals: 84 miles, 3x FS