The Heat Nearly Killed Me (Training, July 15 - 21)

My goodness that was a rough week.  We faced some pretty rough heat and humidity here in Chicago, though it's nothing I haven't seen before.  The real kicker this time—in addition to being tired from last week's 120 miles—was that I have no A/C in my heat-trap of an apartment.  Even when it would "cool off" to the upper 70s during the evening, my apartment would remain above 90º through the night.  This led to a number of nights with very little sleep.  I was quickly in a hole.  I still managed to get a decent long run, a nice medium-long trail run, and 100 miles out of the week, but it wasn't very pretty.  I also didn't get much ancillary work done this week, as I just felt too dead and down to do much.  But the weather has broken, I'm feeling much better now, and I'm leaving this no A/C situation shortly (announcement forthcoming...)!

Monday: AM - 9 easy
Boulevards; felt pretty awful from lack of sleep in my 90+ degree apartment.
PM - 9 easy

Tuesday: AM - 10 easy
Lakefront path; went very early to beat the heat, and I couldn't sleep anyway. Hard to explain how awful I felt.

Wednesday: PM - 8 miles easy
Bloomingdale trail + boulevards w/ Dave Strubbe.  Still feeling pretty awful from lack of sleep in the heat; shifting sleeping locale to my sister's couch (read: A/C) for a few days.

Thursday: AM - 13 miles moderate
Mostly singletrack trails in Palos w/ Duluth transplant and Fleet Feet co-worker Kyle Larson.  Felt pretty rough to start, but decent by mid-run.
PM - 8 miles easy
Lakefront path.

Friday: AM - 5 mile easy
Around the city; just dead. Think I must be run down from mileage + brutal heat/humidity + (especially) poor sleep for a number of nights.

Saturday: AM - 20 miles total—10 miles moderate, 8 mile progression run, 2 mile cooldown
Lakefront path. Splits for the progression run portion: 5:57, 5:58, 5:53, 5:48, 5:39, 5:29, 5:16, 5:08 (45:08 total). Really didn't feel particularly good on this run, but I finally had a halfway decent night of sleep and the weather was about 10º cooler. The progression portion was unplanned, but it just sort of happened naturally. It wasn't particularly smooth, but I was pleasantly surprised by the paces in relation to how I was feeling.

Sunday: AM - 11 miles easy
Run to work + Lakefront path w/ Dan Kittaka. Still feeling fairly beat up.
PM - 7 miles easy
Post-work run home w/ a bit on the Lakefront path first.

Total: 100 miles