Training, March 11 - 17

Monday: Off - still recovering from stomach virus.

Tuesday: PM - 10 miles easy.

Wednesday: PM - 8 miles easy.
Ran part of the run with Dan Kittaka after picking up some new racing flats (NB 1600s) for short road races.

Thursday: AM - 15 miles moderate.
Ran about 6:20 pace for most of the run; pretty tired by the end, definitely still a bit run down from illness.
PM - 5 miles easy.

Friday: AM - 7 miles easy.
Legs pretty shot, might have overdone it a bit yesterday, still coming off of illness.  

Saturday: Paleozoic 50k - "2nd place", 3:50:18 - 32 miles total.
In addition to being tenth place, I was also second place; explanation and race report forthcoming.

Sunday: AM - 6 miles easy.
Not too beat up all things considered.  I was pretty sore after yesterday's race in mud and ice, but felt decent for the easy regeneration run today.

Summary: 83 miles
Not too much going on this week.  I had the flu or some similar stomach virus last weekend, so I was taking it relatively easy coming back.  When you get super-dehydrated like I was, it can take a bit to get back to normal.  The doctor had recommended that I take it pretty easy for a week.  In light of that, I might have pushed a bit too much by doubling on Thursday with a longer quality run.  And obviously a trail 50k on Saturday as well.  But I really needed the training stimulus (American River 50 Miler is just three weeks away!), so I went ahead and raced anyway.  No functional strength work this week, mostly because I was taking it slow coming back, and then was just shot later in the week.  I'll get back to form next week.


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