Training, February 25 - March 3

Monday: 2 PM - 14 miles moderate; Functional Strength (FS - Routine 1).
Got down to about 6:00 pace for half the run; felt pretty good considering having raced two days ago.

Tuesday: 4 PM - 1 mile warmup, 2 mile uphill tempo @8% grade, 1 mile cooldown - 4 miles total.
I hit the gym as the weather was bad, but since it was busy hours, I could only get on for 30 minutes.  The first mile of the tempo was at 7.5 mph, the second mile at 7.7 mph, with the last minute or so at 8.0 mph.  Felt good.  

Wednesday: 4 PM - 10 miles easy/moderate.

Thursday: 3 PM - 10 miles easy; FS1.

Friday: 10 AM - 6 easy.

Saturday: 7 AM - 4 miles easy.
Ran around Humboldt Park pre-flight to California; included a couple pickups at MP.  Felt pretty slow and sluggish.  I blame getting up and out the door early.

Sunday: 1 mile warmup/strides, 26.2 mile race - Napa Valley Marathon - 4th place, 2:25:39 - 27 miles total.

Summary: 75 miles, 2x FS

Nothing too special this week.  With the marathon on Sunday, I wasn't going to put in too heavy of training.  Took it relatively easy with a nice little workout on Tuesday (albeit short mileage due to the weather/gym circumstances).  I was quite happy with the race, and I'll elaborate more on how that all went down in a forthcoming race report.