Training, January 28 - February 3

Monday: Off - Yesterday's run, where I got caught soaking wet in freezing and windy weather for quite some time, almost immediately led to me feeling ill.  And with an opening shift at work which prevented an extra long night's sleep, I was teetering on the verge of getting sick (early symptoms, sore throat, etc.).  As such, no running.  

Tuesday: 10 AM - 10 miles easy.
Just feeling out the illness issue.  Feeling quite a bit better, but still a touch wary.
5 PM - Dynamic Strength Routine 1* (DSR1).

Wednesday: 10 AM - 3 mile warmup, 2 miles @12% grade, 1/2 mile easy, 1 mile @12% grade, 1.5 mile cooldown - 8 miles total.
It was raining/sleeting and slick outside, so I hit the treadmill for some hill work.  Man am I bad at climbing right now.  I suppose that's what living in Chicago for three years will do for you.  I planned on a 4 mile uphill tempo, but I couldn't handle it, so I did what I could (I was also still feeling marginally under-the-weather-ish).  Ran 6.5 or 6.6 mph for the uphill segments.  ~1900 feet of climbing total.
6 PM - DSR2*. 

Thursday: 10 AM - 8 miles easy.
6 PM - 10 miles moderate.
Ran with Dan Kittaka, a Fleet Feet guy and organizer of the stellar Daniel Burnham Open.  Very cold out.

Friday: 5 PM - 8 miles easy.
Felt pretty crappy on a very cold night after work.

Saturday: Off - Feeling pretty awful after 10 hours on my feet at work (this is every Saturday).  

Sunday: 10 miles easy - Still feeling pretty awful from just a rough week of work and staving off sickness.

Summary: 54 miles, 2x DS

No drills or 100m repeats this week, as neither my schedule nor the weather really allowed for them.  As for the low mileage, that doesn't really bother me too much in and of itself, and I'm glad I got some hill running in on the treadmill.  What bothers me is what I've allowed my work situation to become at the moment.  You just can't be on your feet 30+ hours a week and run 120 or 140 miles a week (at least I can't—particularly with odd hours and some extra long shifts).  

I formerly faced the predicament of just working too many hours total (albeit at a desk).  Now I'm too many hours on my feet.  As such, I decided to give given my two weeks' notice at the cafĂ©, which I did today.  I put the legal career on hold to go after this thing hard, not to self-sabotage while making $10/hour.  It will take an even bigger dose of austerity while I (a) look for a job that is likely only two days a week (ideally), maybe at a running store if I can get it, and (b) get some other things going like coaching and writing.  I've done some of each sporadically over the last number of years, but would like to do more, especially the writing (one example from RT last year, here).  On that note, if any readers know of any writing opportunities (race coverage, editorial, interviews, etc.) or contacts, those would always be welcome! :)

Finally, I had an interview with the Napa Valley Register last week in anticipation of my racing the Napa Valley Marathon on March 3; the resultant article came out today, and can be found here.

*I'm working on getting two different Dynamic Strength Routines going, in order to more comprehensively address my core, but it's been slow going this stuff to where I want it.  It's tough to do when you're tired and short on time (both of which I have been recently).  I will hopefully have these routines posted on the blog soon, for reference, ideally/eventually with some videos or descriptions of the exercises.