Training, February 18 - 24

Monday: 5 PM - 12 miles easy/moderate (depending on the segment of the run) w/ drills (2 sets) and 12 x 100m (15s per), starting on the minute; Functional Strength Routine 1.
Met up with Dave Strubbe for a run and to demo some drills.  Felt pretty good after resting last weekend.

Tuesday: 10 AM - 3 mile warmup, 3 x (1 mile @12% grade, 1 mile moderate (flat) recovery), 1/2 mile @12% grade, 1/2 mile moderate (flat) recovery, 2 mile tempo at MP, 1 mile cooldown - 14 miles total (all on treadmill).  The uphill miles (and half mile) were at 6.6 mph (or 9:05/mile), the moderate recoveries at 6:00/mile, and the tempo at 5:30/mile; ~2200 feet of total vertical for the workout.  
It was pretty freaking cold out (back to below zero wind chills in Chicago today), and I wanted to get some quality work in, so I headed to the gym.  I wanted to do 5 or 6 x mile @12% grade, but I was tired muscularly from last night's session—still getting used to that—so I modified the plan mid-workout.  During the fourth rep, I determined I'd be digging too deep to do the full mile, so I did a half mile, recovered with a half mile and jumped into a 2 mile tempo.  In terms of aerobic effort, it felt about like marathon pace, though my legs were pretty tired.
6 PM - 5 miles very easy.
Legs were pretty dead, probably ran about 8:30 pace on the boulevards.

Wednesday: 4 PM - 10 miles easy.

Thursday: 10 AM - 10 miles easy.

Friday: 10 AM - 8 miles easy (on treadmill).

Saturday: 2 PM - 4 mile warmup w/ dynamic warmup, drills, strides, 3,000m race (3rd place, 8:40.69) indoor track, 4 mile cooldown.
Race report to follow.

Sunday: 8 miles easy.
Ran with Dave Strubbe around Humboldt Park and surrounding area.  Nice and slow, a bit beat up from yesterday, though not too badly.

Summary: 80 miles, 1x FSR

Nothing too crazy this week, but a step back in the right direction.  I was hoping to get in two workouts prior to Saturday's race, but Tuesday's effort just crushed me for some reason or another.  Perhaps still just worn down from work and travel.  But.  Friday was my last day of work at the café, which I had slowly realized was taking way too much of a toll on my training, early hours and standing for 30+ hours a week at times.

So I'm free again, had a great rust-buster race this weekend, and am ready to go compete in California the following two weekends.  The training will be relatively light the next 2 1/2 as I race and recover, but after that, things should finally get pretty serious.  I've got enough training under me now to handle a heavier volume again (as long as I can sleep plenty and recover properly!), and I'm 99% healthy, trending to 100%.  Excited for the future!