Training, February 11 - 17

Monday: 4 PM - 10 miles easy.  

Tuesday: 4 PM - 10 miles easy; Functional Strength Routine 1.

Wednesday: 10 AM - 10 miles moderate.

Thursday: 10 AM - 12 miles moderate-plus on hilly trails.
Ran out at Bullfrog Lake in the Palos Forest Preserves.  Unfortunately, we've been getting so much precipitation here recently that the trails were a total mess.  I wanted to do more like 18-20 miles, but I was worried about pulling/tweaking something in my hips or groin again (like last week when running on super sloppy trails).
3 PM - FSR1.

Friday: 2 PM - 10 miles easy.

Saturday: Off - In North Carolina for a family wedding, I decided to take the weekend off.  I've really been struggling the last couple weeks to get recovered as I've been working way too much (and keeping odd hours, having to open a bunch and the like).  I keep waking up with a fairly elevated heart rate and have just generally been feeling like crap, so I figured I needed a bit of a reset.

Sunday: Off

Summary: 52 miles, 2x FSR

Obviously not a very substantial week of training, but I'm working on getting things turned around here... reshuffling priorities again to make sure I have adequate time to train.  I'll start ramping up the training soon, even with a number of races coming up.  Feeling much better today (Monday) after resting for the weekend.