Training, January 7 - 13

Monday: 4 PM - 10 miles easy.
Post-work run.  Not as tired as I thought I might be after yesterday's 20 miler and being on my feet all day.

Tuesday: 10 AM - 15 miles moderate.
I eventually want this run—my Tuesday run (the training will begin to take a common pattern in the early stages of Fundamental work)—to be 5 miles steady into a 10 mile tempo (a la a true Lydiard base phase).  But I'm still adjusting to the mileage and didn't have anything more than a moderate run in me, though I was probably running about 6:00 pace.
5 PM - 5 miles easy.
Ran mostly on grass on the "emerald necklace"—a series of interconnected boulevards, planned by Daniel Burnham, which more or less trace an arc around the city.  I live just two blocks from one of these; I'll be doing most of my easy second runs of the day on this.

Wednesday: 11 AM - 11 miles moderate w/ drills, 12 x 100m strides; GS.
Drills were: ankle springing, heel-to-butts, side-to-sides, runner karaokes, A skips, and B skips.  Still holding off on the full out springing and bounding yet, for fear of the strain on the Achilles.  
5 PM - 5 miles easy.

Thursday: 10 AM - 17 miles moderate.
Solid aerobic effort, medium-long run.

Friday: 9 AM - 10 miles easy.
Scratched the planned uphill run on the treadmill, as (a) I was just pretty tired and didn't want to push too hard (the mileage itself is still providing a big stimulus right now) and (b) my calves have actually been a bit sore from the relatively sudden mileage increase—hill running would have prolonged this a bit.

Saturday: 5 AM - 5 miles easy.
Couldn't sleep past 1:30 a.m. for some reason, so after tossing and turning for a few hours, I just got up and ran before work.  Expectedly felt like crap and in a haze on little sleep, so just a token five miles.  But taking a page from Nate Jenkins, if not for a physiological benefit, it's psychologically beneficial at times to run when you feel like crap—on no sleep, on a full stomach, a double with only an hour or two rest between runs, etc.  Just to kind of train yourself that you can run anytime, anywhere.

Sunday: 10 AM - 25 miles moderate-plus.
Met Rich Heffron on the Lakefront Path for a long run.  Rich is a great dude whom I met at the 2011 50/50 race (I won the 50 mile, he won the 50k).  We had a nice couple of runs together shortly thereafter, but then we both ended up injured or outside of Chicago for much of 2012.  Anyway, I planned on 22 today, but I ended up running with Rich all the way back to his apartment in Hyde Park before cruising back solo.  We were probably running 6:30s for the first half of my run, then I dropped it to 5:50-6:00 range for the rest of the run.  I was hurting pretty good, and my calves felt "iffy" towards the end, but I didn't bonk and the ankle/Achilles held up pretty dang well considering the abuse.  A very good sign indeed.
6 PM - GS.

Summary: 103 miles, 2x GS
I feel just so surprisingly good for having run 103 and 25 miles on the week and day.  Coming along more quickly than I thought I would, that's for sure.  I won't be ready to beat the world at Napa Valley and Way Too Cool in two months, but I won't be a pushover either.  I still really need to get more diligent with the general strength work (only twice this week!).  I could feel how weak my hamstrings, glutes, and lower back are on the run this morning.  It's nothing dire; I've got time to fix this deficiency, and I have acquired an even better knowledge of what I need to be doing (one of the few "blessings" of my injury—a few months in physical therapy where I learned a few more tricks).  Just have to do it!  Basically, I'm focusing ever more on dynamic stability (read: a balance component in exercises) and my stabilizer muscles.

Next week will be a touch lower mileage with an underground cross country race on Sunday, but hopefully still in the 90s.  And more GS!  Then a big week to follow.  Still adding doubles to the schedule at the rate of about one per week.  Hope your training this week went well!