Training, January 14 - 20 & Daniel Burnham Open Race Report

Monday: 3 PM - 10 miles easy.
Pretty exhausted from yesterday's 25 miles and working all day.

Tuesday: 10 AM - 5 miles steady (~6:20/mile), light drills /a few strides, 10 mile tempo (~5:40/mile avg.), 1 mile cooldown; 16 miles total.
Quite happy with this tempo run.  It would have been a solid workout for me a year or so ago, pre-injury.  This shows that I'm coming along quite well, and faster than I would have expected.  I would really only consider the last two weeks serious training.  So hopefully my April/May/June, I'll be racing competitively again.
5 PM - 5 miles easy; GS.

Wednesday: 3 PM - 11 miles easy w/ drills and 14 x 100m strides.
Very tired, but needed to get the drills and strides in (the strides sessions are still bumping up by 2 reps per week—a muscular endurance thing; eventually I'll be doing 30 x 100m in ~15s per rep).  Still holding off on the springing and bounding on the drills too—for the sake of protecting my Achilles—but I will likely start adding them soon.

Thursday: 10 AM - 22 miles moderate.
Ran about 6:10 pace until mile 19 or so at which point I really started hurting, so I backed off a touch.  I was pretty run down from last week's 103 miles, the 25 miler Sunday and the tempo on Tuesday.  All that is a good thing though.  It means I was cycling through and using muscle fibers that I wouldn't have reached if I was fresh going into the run.  Especially good given some of my ultramarathon ambitions.  Need to be able to hold up late race in a 50 miler.
5 PM - GS.

Friday: 5 PM - 5 miles easy.
Basically, between the last 5 days training, some social commitments (some open mic competitions for myself and my roommate), and my work schedule, I was just dead.  Had a race coming up Sunday, so I took it really easy.

Saturday: 7 PM - 5 miles easy.
Same as yesterday.  Worked 10 hours, dead tired, race tomorrow.  Just a nice, easy run.

Sunday: 10 AM - 2 mile warmup, drills/strides, 4k XC race (report below), 2 mile cooldown - 7 miles total.

Summary: 81 miles, 2x GS
Solid week of training, albeit lower mileage than intended.  That's all fine though, I needed a few easy days.  Between front loading the week a bit (due to my inability to get a long run on the weekend), and last week's high mileage, I was just crushed come Friday.  Next week should be an "up" week again.  I only work three days and will focus on getting in some good mileage.  

Daniel Burnham Open XC (4k) - 1st place, 12:26 (PR)
This is a great unofficial race put on by Dan Kittaka of Fleet Feet (and Lee Greenberg), and one which I did last year.  I was just hoping to defend my title, as I'm really just starting to get back into decent shape.  Weather was cold and a bit windy (~14ยบ, feels like 0), course was the usual criterium-style 4 x 1k loop course up at Montrose Park and Cricket Hill on the north side.  

I didn't really plan on leading per se, but I just went out comfortably and found myself solo up front.  So I just rolled with it and hit splits of (roughly) 3:00, 6:06 (3:06), 9:15 (3:09), 12:26 (3:11).  Actually beat last year's time (I think) by two seconds.  This is a bit surprising since I was actually pretty fit last year (getting 17th at USAXC 4 weeks later).  Makes me half think about actually going back down to St. Louis next month to race USAXC again this year...

My team, the Beer Necessities—consisting of me, Trent Hoerr, Dave Strubbe, and Rich Heffron—got second overall by three points (26 to 29).  The after party at Fat Cat was nice too, some good beers with good folks.  Kudos again to Dan & Co. for putting on a cool race.  My kind of event: free and competition/community focused.  No live bands or excessive "free" swag.  I dig.