Training, December 31 - January 6

Monday: 10 miles moderate.

Tuesday: 16 miles moderate; GS. 

Wednesday: 10 miles moderate.

Thursday: AM - 10 miles moderate.
PM - 5 miles easy.
First double in about 10 months.  Will start adding more in the coming weeks.

Friday: 9 miles w/ 2 miles uphill on the treadmill.  Ran easy, looping to the gym for an uphill session.  I've been meaning to start some uphill running; I think it will be good for my Achilles (stretching/stressing it).  Additionally, as I start doing some ultras with some decent elevation (and probably Mt. Washington in June), I'll need to be able to climb.  Averaged about 6.9 mph at 12% grade and was pretty freakin' tired doing this.  I'll probably back off the pace a touch next week, as I want to keep increasing the distance by a mile or so until I'm doing 8 miles at 12% grade (12%, as that's the average grade of the Mt. Washington Auto Road).

Saturday: 8 miles easy.  Ran pretty late (9 p.m.), as I work like 10 hours on Saturday at my new café gig.  Running after 10 hours on your feet kind of sucks, so I needed to get my feet up for a bit first.  Not ideal with a long run the next morning.

Sunday: 20 miles moderate.  Longest run I've done yet since my return to running.  I could really feel my muscular weakness (and I was just tired generally from the mileage this week and a late run Saturday).

Summary: 88 miles, 1x GS

Very happy with the mileage; things are back on track after a couple of rough weeks.  I should be near 100 miles next week.  Only managed to get in one general strength (GS) session, which is obviously not ideal—still adjusting to the new schedule.  My core is weak right now; I could feel it on Sunday's long run.  It's something I really need to get under control soon.

As the running has finally started to go OK, with my Achilles injury slowly abating, I've added some races to my schedule.  In early March, I'm heading to California for a week, racing the Napa Valley Marathon (March 3) and the Way Too Cool 50k (March 9) on consecutive weekends.  I don't really expect to be too competitive in either of these; I'm racing more just to gauge where I am in my comeback.  I don't expect I'll really start racing well until this summer.  I'm just so unfit at the moment, it's hard to fathom running even a 2:30 marathon in two months.  But then, two months ago, I was barely running at all, so who knows.  

I'm also heading to Ithaca, New York in early June for the inaugural Cayuga Trails 50 miler.  I've got a few other races in mind April through July, but I'll wait to confirm entry before posting them or adding them to my schedule on here.  Planning some races again really has me excited.  It's been a long road (and there's a long way yet to go), but at least I'm headed the right direction on it.