Training, December 10 - 30

My apologies for the several week absence.  After a period of laziness and lots of free time, I got a new part time job (as a barrista at a bakery café); worked 7 out of 8 days to start that; then promptly got sick from suddenly keeping odd hours (opening and closing) while trying to run; then I took several days off running, I neglected the blog, etc.  Anyway, the past three weeks of training (and non-training) are below.  

Things are more or less back on track now.  The work schedule has settled down to a manageable level, and the running is going well.  My Achilles/ankle issue is seemingly still progressing, albeit slowly, towards being fully healed.  It still hurts to the touch when doing ART, but I scarcely feel it while running.  And this is despite continued increased mileage.  Of interest, when I had an ART session after several days off from running, Dr. Settergren said that my Achilles was tighter that day than it had been in previous sessions—i.e. it tightened up more through non-activity than through running.  

So that all seems to be going about the same.  This coming week should be close to 90 miles and I'll be adding in doubles from this point forward.  Trying to get back into a good dynamic strength /core schedule (finally) as well.

Week of December 10

Monday: 11 miles moderate.

Tuesday: 14 miles with 10 mile basic tempo at ~5:50s avg.

Wednesday: 10 miles easy; 2 sets of drills, 10 x 100m strides.

Thursday: 14 miles moderate.

Friday: 8 miles easy - first time I've truly had to run easy (like 7:45s, maybe) to feel decent and recover.

Saturday: Off (planned rest for ankle).

Sunday: 10 miles moderate.

Summary: 67 miles total.

Week of December 17

Monday: 12 miles moderate.

Tuesday: 16 miles moderate.

Wednesday: 8 miles easy.

Thursday: Off - sick.

Friday: Off - sick.

Saturday: 10 miles easy - feeling halfway better.

Sunday: Off - sick (felt much worse).

Summary: 46 miles total.  Worked Monday to Saturday, and just felt awful on Sunday.

Week of December 24

Monday: Off - Work/Christmas with family (and still sick).

Tuesday: Off - sick.

Wednesday: Off - sick.

Thursday: 5 miles easy; GS.

Friday: 7 miles easy w/ John Hursh (on a visit).

Saturday: 9 miles easy.

Sunday: 10 miles moderate.

Summary: 31 miles total.  Finally back on track by the end of this week it seems.