The Road to Recovery

A short post on my recovery.  I'm continuing to progress bit by bit.  I ran three days in a row this week for the first time in months (9 miles, 11.5 miles, and 9 miles).  The great thing about this isn't so much that I ran, but how I felt during and after.  As I continue to increase the distance and frequency of my runs, I don't seem to be any worse for the wear.  In other words, it all seems sustainable, which was formerly not the case (when I would feel good for a run or two, but with continued running, my condition would worsen).  

Additionally, I saw Dr. Settergren for some ART this morning, and he said that my Achilles loosened up nicely and felt looser than it's been in a long time.  And this after the greatest stress (volume wise) that it's had in months.  So while I'm still a little concerned about the tenderness of the Achilles to the touch (a bit of the ART can be fairly painful), things are certainly still moving in the right direction.  

I see Dr. Nicola at the UIC Sports Med clinic on Thursday next week (Nov. 15), so we'll see what he has to say as well.  I'm planning on doing a 13 miler this weekend, and I'm of course staying on top of the little things: lots of static stretching, dynamic balancing and strengthening work, eccentric calves, self-massage, and ice.

Finally, I got another picture of the Pumpkins in the Park race from my friend Dave Strubbe (that's him in front of me in the picture)—too good not to share. :)