Bringing this up to speed since my last post, the NSAID patches and run/walk progression weren't as successful as hoped.  This was the first thing I had tried under Dr. Nicola.  The next step was to get an MRI, which I did a couple weeks ago.  Due to some vacationing of both Dr. Nicola's and mine, this morning was the earliest I could get in.

Dr. Nicola wanted to see (via the MRI) if there was any scar tissue around the tendon due to the original injury/impact.  There was not.  There was a bit of fluid somewhere down there and also a tiny spot of something else (I'm a bit fuzzy on the details), but neither was very near the tendon, which is in fact intact.  So that's generally good news.

In the two weeks we were waiting since the MRI, I had the green light to sort of train based on feel.  I started doing about 8 to 10 miles every other day or so, sometimes multiple days in a row.  And this all generally was fine, not getting any worse or anything.  The ankle would be pretty tender the first couple miles, but then it would warm up and I'd feel about 95% after that.

The plan now is to be very proactive with massage (both daily self-massage and biweekly massage from a therapist), ice, and some additional stretches, while keeping up with the running, potentially every day.  Dr. Nicola labeled it as mild tendinopothy with reactive stiffness on the form for the PT.  So while I'm not 100% by any means, I'm definitely a lot better than I was four or even two months ago.  The hope is that with really getting after the ancillary stuff here, we might be able to finally really turn the corner.  If not, in about three weeks, we're going to look into some prolotherapy.


  1. Sorry to hear you're still dealing with this injury. You should contact Karin Silbernagel ( k.silbernagel@usciences.edu, phone # 215.596.8676 ). She was my professor for one of my classes at the University of Delaware and literally wrote the books on Achilles tendon injury. If anyone can help you out it's going to be her. If you contact her, tell her you know me, as student from UD who she taught. Seriously, she'll tell you the real deal and if you're on the right path this time around.

  2. Keep being proactive. It will all come around soon! Anxious to have you back to 100%!

  3. Thanks for the update. You said you used the patches correct? I'm assuming they were flector patches? Maybe an NSAID cream would work better. I've found the flector patches to be completely useless for other injuries, while the NSAID cream works wonders. Not sure why.

  4. Jackie, thanks for the info. Prob gonna see how these next few weeks go with therapy, but I will definitely keep that in mind and very much appreciate it. I'm definitely better than I was, ran 8 days in a row last week before one day off. We've really just got one little isolated point of inflammation that's giving me trouble still. And I do really trust the doc I'm seeing (Nicola) and think he's very good... been doing this nearly 20 years with UIC athletes, professional athletes, and Olympians among others.

    Vargo, thanks man. Hope to be back soon, but man am I so unfit now, haha.

    JW, it was the flector patches I was using, though we're not taking any NSAIDs at the moment. But I will ask about NSAID cream, thanks. Hope you're coming around as well.