State of Affairs

Having had to bail on yet another race due to my Achilles injury—Mt. Washington this time—I was able to make the best of the situation by still traveling to the race, covering it for Running Times (my recap article went up today).  John Stifler and Paul Kirsch were gracious enough to host me despite my inability to race, and I ended up having a great weekend.  Met a lot of cool people, took in New England for the first time, and drank a lot of good beer at Strange Brew (Manchester) and the Moat Mountain Smokehouse (North Conway).  

The mountain running thing is pretty cool.  Not only do I really want to return and race Mt. Washington in the future, but I think I'll race the USA Mountain Running Championships next year as well (an "up/down" year, so Mt. Washington will almost surely not be the World Team selection race).  I think of "up/down" mountain running as a bit like extreme cross country, and I think I'm actually rather well suited to it.  Will be fun to check it out next year.  

On the injury front, the last needling session we did hasn't had the desired effect.  While we had some success with the dry needling (coupled with ART and ultrasound), it hasn't been enough.  So it's time to start figuring out the next step.  I've been consulting with a number of people on the subject, from runner physicians to my chiropractor.  I'm looking into PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy now.  It will probably be a few weeks before I have this done (if I have it done).  Essentially, there are a lot of positive growth factors, very highly concentrated with the PRP.  This is injected into the damaged tissue with the goal (of course) of getting the tissue to regenerate.  The Achilles is a notoriously fickle area, with little blood flow, and thus a poor ability to heal itself.  

While I'm setting up some appointments for that, I'm continuing with biweekly massage/ART/ultrasound.  I'm going to do what running I can this week and next, based on feel, and just see how things go.  Even though my run this morning was poor, who knows, some specific rehab (i.e. running) may still help me turn the corner here.  I'm just not banking on it.