One Last Needling

I had another appointment with Dr. Settergren this morning where we discussed how the Achilles tendinosis I've been dealing with has progressed, and where we should go from here.  The main thing we had been doing to treat the tendinosis was dry needling, which works by introducing a minor injury (via needles) to the damaged, degenerative tissue.  This induces a healing response which can also help kickstart the healing process of the original injury.  We had done these sessions twice before with some success, but I still wasn't fully better.  I'd been running about 30 miles a week in 4 runs, and I had some encouraging days, but other days, the Achilles was still quite tender post-run.  For this reason, we decided to hit it with one more session of dry needling.

We have had some success with the past sessions of dry needling.  The worst section of my Achilles was originally at the back, the part closest to the skin.  There was much degenerative tissue and some fluid buildup, which caused a creaking sensation every time I irritated the collagen fibers with a run.  The needling worked to rid me of this creakiness and largely fix that section of tissue.  But I've still got a section deeper in the tendon (farther from the skin) that is a bit damaged.  We're hoping the needling will take care of this last piece.  We're going to be extra cautious with it, taking about two weeks away from running, while the healing takes place.  I'll come back with some biking in a few days though, and some eccentric loading of the calf/Achilles and BOSU balancing exercises a few days after that.