Training, May 7 - 13

- full GS routine

- dynamic warmup
- 8 miles running (6 miles moderate on rough terrain + 2 miles uptempo on crushed gravel, maybe 5:40s)
- light GS
- ice Achilles (post-workout and 3x total throughout the day)
Had an appointment with Dr. Settergren in the afternoon.  We did a bit of ART to warm up the Achilles, then did my second session of dry needling.  This time we did it with a slightly bigger needle, to stimulate a slightly greater inflammatory response, get a bit more blood flow in there to help with some collagen production / tissue regeneration (as I understand it anyway).

- ice Achilles (3x throughout day)
- 10 miles biking
- full GS
Primarily a rest day for the Achilles per the doc's orders.  The dry needling leaves you fairly sore so you've gotta take it easy for a bit.

- ice Achilles (3x)
- 20 miles biking
- light GS

- ice Achilles (3x)
- 15 miles biking
- full GS
Another appointment with Dr. Settergren for just a bit of ART and ultrasound.  We're not planning on meeting for another 10 days.  The plan is to let the heel heal up from the needling, and then start running two days on, one off—assuming that feels alright.

Off - The heel still isn't good to go.
- eccentric calves

- ice Achilles (2x)
- eccentric calves
- dynamic warmup
- 3 miles running - Didn't feel very good.  The heel felt good enough pre-run to test it out, but it's not ready to go.  This isn't really the Achilles injury itself that's the issue, but the minor injury induced by the needling.  So I'm still just waiting for that to heel up so I can run.  Hopefully I'll be able to run most of next week, though I'll probably need to take tomorrow off.

Summary: 11 miles running, 45 miles biking
Still just waiting to be able to legitimately train...  Some really great trail action this weekend at Transvulcania and Ice Age 50 (congrats, Zach!).  Justin Mock's got a nice, brief recap up at RunningTimes.  Fun races to follow, but they'd be a lot more fun if I could compete! :)

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RW Brief Chat with Julia Lucas - I've been a Julia fan for a few years now and used to follow her (and husband Ian Dobson's) now-defunct website.  She was a stud runner at NC State but mostly struggled as a pro until now.  Something draws me to the athletes who manage to weather years of frustrating injuries, setbacks, etc. to find their way back to the top.  Julia's recent 15:08 is the current U.S. leader and she's looking like a good early pick for Team USA in the 5,000m.

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Saw these guys at Lincoln Hall last month, and they just killed it live.

 “The things we do should consume us. If they don’t, our lives won’t have any meaning.”
     —John J. Kelly