Progress... (I Think)

So I'm going to dispense with the weekly training updates until I'm legitimately training.  This amalgam of cross training, general strength, rehab exercises etc. is fairly boring and probably pretty worthless in training log format.  I'll just add updates regarding my Achilles situation as they happen.  

It's still been a slow road back for me, but I think I'm making progress.  As I blogged last week, I had a second, more intensive session of dry needling done nearly two weeks ago.  That session took quite a bit longer to heal from than was anticipated, and I've really just now been able to start running again.  The good news is that the creakiness sensation I used to have (liquid building up among the fibers) is gone.  I'm still tender after running, but that is largely due to the induced needling injury.  It seems the healing process from the needling has indeed helped stimulate healing of the original injury—the tendinosis I have from a bike wreck.  

I just saw Dr. Settegren today (who did an Ironman 70.3 over the weekend), and we did some more active release / ultrasound and discussed the injury.  I should be able to run in a two days on, one day off pattern for the next week, until I next see Dr. Settergren (Tuesday, 5/29).  Still holding out hope to race at Mt. Washington in mid-June.  

If you're healthy, be grateful and take advantage—go run!  More soon.