Training, March 26 - April 1

Monday: 9 AM - 5 miles easy.
5 PM - 10 miles moderate.

Tuesday: 15 miles moderate.

Wednesday: Off - Achilles (see Summary below).

Thursday: Off - Achilles; GS.

Friday: Off - Achilles; GS.
Biked about 8 miles and got worked on by my masseuse, Noel Labak.  Dude knows his stuff.

Saturday: Off - Achilles; GS.
Achilles starting to feel a fair amount better, and the swelling is down; needed a few days off.  I was half tempted to show up at the Lakefront 50k this morning and just run for a bit, or until it hurt.  But if I started the race, there was probably a good chance stubbornness would take over and I'd finish, so it's probably for the best that I steered clear.  

Sunday: 6 PM - 3 mile easy.
No pain, felt fine. 

Summary: 33 miles, 3x GS.

The Achilles issue I'm having actually came from a pseudo-bike crash two full weeks ago, just after I got back from Botswana.  I was riding home from the grocery store, cruising along the unparalleled potholed Chicago streets.  I hit some sort of weird railroad track / pothole combo while going fairly quickly, and got jarred enough to get wracked on the crossbar.  I also put my left foot down to keep from falling, and when my foot hit the ground, the left pedal slammed right into my Achilles.  It hurt a bit and was bleeding a fair amount, but I just rode home, put a bandage on it, and went for a run that afternoon.  I kept running on it for over a week.  While it was tight, it would loosen up on runs, and I thought it would just slowly go away.  I was probably extra stubborn because of the Lakefront 50k and American River 50 Mile coming up so soon.

Anyway, by Tuesday's 15 mile run, it was clear that the issue was not going away, and had probably worsened due to running on it.  I iced for several days before moving on to heat now.  I also took ibuprofen for a number of days and have been doing eccentric calf lowers as well.  I feel nearly better now, but I'm still going to be cautious this week, running maybe 50 miles or so if everything continues to feel good.

As a result of this, I had to pull out of the Lakefront 50k as well as this weekend's American River 50 mile.  I was really looking forward to AR, and was sad to have to pull out, but I know it's the intelligent choice.  Even if I can run pain free by Saturday, 50 miles would probably be a pretty bad idea.