Training, April 23 - 29

Leading with a summary this week, since the cross training stuff is pretty boring (and spotty—man, I lack motivation in this area).  Saw Dr. Settergren at Midwest Sport and Spine on Monday, which I posted about last week.  Per his orders, I tested the Achilles with a moderate run on Thursday, 8 miles at about 6:00-6:30 pace.  I don't really have any pain in the Achilles, but I am hypersensitive about what's going on with it, and could perhaps feel a bit of stiffness late in the run. And post-run, the familiar creakiness came back.  After seeing Doc S again on Friday, I confirmed that this is just some fluid buildup.  Basically, the fibers in the Achilles are very tightly bunched.  When the damaged ones get irritated, some fluid builds up amongst these tightly-bunched fibers.  The resultant friction is the creakiness I feel.  The good news is that this creakiness won't slow recovery or do any further damage.  It's nice to have the confirmation, because that was freaking me out a bit.

At my appointment on Friday, it was too soon to do any more dry needling, as it takes more than a week to heal from each session.  We just talked things over, and did some ART and ultrasound.  I'm seeing Doc S again on Thursday this week, and I'm testing the Achilles again with a few more runs.  I meant to get in three (Saturday last week, then Monday and Wednesday this week), but some stuff came up on Saturday and I couldn't get that one in.  On the run this morning however (4/30), I knocked out 9 miles sub-6 pace, and felt pretty decent.  The ankle felt about as good as it has yet post-run with not a whole lot of creakiness.

Based on Dr. Settergren's opinion and how things have been going, my hope is that by the end of May I'll be running at more or less full strength.  This would allow me to still run the Mt. Washington Road Race (and U.S. Mountain Running Championships) in New Hampshire. My chances of doing well would of course be a lot lower, but it would still be nice to race there.  I've had to pull out of the Ice Age 50 Mile, as it is less than two weeks away; even if I'm running fairly pain free by then, racing 50 miles would probably be a terrible idea.

And for the bit of training...

- appointment with Dr. Settergren (ART, ultrasound, dry needling)
- bike 36 miles
- eccentric calves, balancing exercises (on a half swiss ball)

- bike 14 miles
- full GS

- eccentric calves, balancing exercises, bicycles, and pushups

- dynamic warmup
- 8 miles moderate (running)
- eccentric calves, balancing exercises

- eccentric calves, balancing exercises
- bike 12 miles

- bike 12 miles

- eccentric calves

Totals: 8 miles running, 74 miles biking

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John Steinbeck