Training, April 2 - 8

Monday: 10 AM - 5 miles easy; GS.

Tuesday: 11 AM - 7 miles easy plus; GS.

Wednesday: 11 AM - 8 miles easy plus; GS.

Thursday: 10 AM - 9 miles easy.

Friday: Off.
Decided to give the Achilles a break for a day to see if it would help.  It feels about 90-95% on my runs.  No real pain, but just not 100%.

Saturday: 11 AM - 10 miles moderate plus; GS.
Back in Springfield, had a nice run on the Lick Creek Trails.  The heel felt great; the day off seems to have done some good. 

Sunday: 11 AM - 5 miles easy.
7 PM - 10 miles moderate plus.  
Heel felt mediocre on the morning run, but after a fair bit of massage during the day and eccentric calves, it felt pretty good on the evening run.  

Summary: 54 miles, 4x GS

The Achilles is coming along slowly.  I'm doing my best to baby it now.  I'm shooting for the following each day: heat bath pre-run and three to four other times; ice bath post-run; ankle strength exercises on a half swiss ball; eccentric calf lowers (now up to 15 reps three times a day); and self-massage.  Hopefully that will do the trick.  May still need to take the odd day off in the coming weeks to give it a rest, but I'm hoping to start doubling on the reg most of next week.  Starting to feel the benefits from the general strength work kicking in as well.

Interestingly, running in pretty minimalist shoes (by which I mainly mean a low heel-to-toe drop) seems to make the heel feel the best.  This is a bit counterintuitive to me, as the lower relative heel position should be putting a greater strain on both the Achilles and soleus.  Maybe a better foot strike is resulting in a lower (or just less rapidly loaded?) total impact force.  Who knows.

Had a great little CHUG (Chicago Ultrarunners) social at Rock Bottom on Wednesday too.  Along with seeing Geoff and Paige Dunmore, I met Beth Engel Chenoweth and Shan Riggs.  Love talking running over microbrews.