Training, February 20 - 26

Monday: Off - Office was closed, but I had to work all day anyway and stay late.  Had a bit of a sore throat so I decided not to further risk sickness with a late night run. 

Tuesday: 7 PM - 1 mile warmup, 8 miles at MP - 42:37 (5:19-point pace), 1 mile cooldown (10 miles total).
Had to change this one mid-workout.  I planned on trying once more to get a final longer session in.  On Sunday the legs were not yet recovered, Monday got screwed up by the job, and today the weather... (sigh).  The plan was a modified (shorter) Dick Beardsley workout—4 miles at MP, 4 miles at 90% MP, 4 miles at MP, 4 miles at 90% MP, 1 mile all out.  I felt up to it tonight, but 2 miles into the workout, the wind picked up significantly and it started pouring rain.  I was soaked to the bone within a few minutes, and with temps in the upper 30s, my muscles started to tighten up.  I think it would have been unwise to stay out for 20 miles in such conditions, so I just turned around after 4 miles at MP and headed back home, maintaining pace.  A fine workout in crappy conditions, just not exactly what I was looking for.

Wednesday: 7 AM - 5 miles easy.

Thursday: 7 AM - 5 miles easy.
7 PM - 4 mile warmup, 2 miles alternating 30s hard / 30s moderate (5:00, 4:56 = 9:56), 2 mile cooldown (8 miles total); GS.
Fastest I've done this little tuneup/sharpener workout.  Felt good.

Friday: 7 AM - 5 miles easy is snow/slush slop.

Saturday: 4 PM - 12 miles moderate.

Sunday: 6 PM - 5 miles easy.

Summary: 50 miles, 1x GS
A little bit lighter of a week than planned, and I didn't end up getting in a last longer workout, but I'm not too worried about it.  Just tapering for Albany next week.  Also realized I had never booked a hotel, car, or even registered for the race, haha.  Luckily, I was still able to take care of all of those things.  (In my defense, I had contacted the race a couple times—they used to do elite assistance, and then stopped...  months later I was going to register, but then thought I'd double check to see if they'd give me a comp entry, even if they weren't doing hotels, etc.  I was told they would look into it and get back to me, but I never heard, and subsequently forgot to follow up.)

"It's very difficult for a dedicated athlete to find ideal employment.  One that will give him enough time to train properly."
     —John Tarrant, "The Ghost Runner"