Training, January 9 - 15

Monday: 7 AM - 5 miles easy
11 AM - 10 miles moderate
  • Squeezed in the second AM run before heading home (Springfield) to be with family for a bit.
Tuesday: Noon - 9 miles easy on singletrack in Springfield; GS (alt. routine)

Wednesday: 4 PM - 12 miles easy/moderate
  • Had a workout scheduled, but I've had to keep some late and long hours back home, and my body was exhausted and nowhere near ready for a hard effort.  Started easy, was running a moderate pace by run's end.
Thursday: 2 PM - 10 miles moderate
  • 19°, feels like 0°, 27 mph wind, lots of snow—what a contrast!  This arrival of winter is why I wanted to work out yesterday, but my body wasn't having it.  Just got out onto the single track again today with Paul Rollet, one of my oldest friends and my oldest training partner (on and off for 15 years!).
Friday: 3 PM - 13 miles moderate-plus
  • More running on the singletrack, which is only 600 yards from my house when I can cut across the golf course.  Beautiful snow-covered trails with no one else's footprints (save a fox).  Ran a pretty solid effort.  The hills combined with the snow make this type of running incredibly good for me muscularly.  I could feel my legs getting stronger with every mile, as I turned over and used muscle fibers that I don't typically reach.  I can only dream of the strength I might gain if I could run on this terrain daily!
Saturday: 4 PM - 6 miles easy on snowy singletrack; GS

Sunday: 2 PM - 15 miles moderate-plus
  • Snowy singletrack again.  Planned on doing 25 miles or so, but the body wasn't having it.  Still a very good aerobic and muscular benefit though, and great trail running practice in sloppy conditions (snowmelt).  
Summary: 80 miles, 2x GS

Not what I anticipated for the week, but things happen.  Made the best of the situation and got in some great running, though not marathon Specific training (the Specific Phase was to start this week).  May be able to get to some of that type of work next week—we'll see.  However, the work I did get in was very good for me as I really don't get enough quality basic aerobic running in generally (which is a conscious choice—one I make given my limited time to train and recover—but that does not make it any less ideal).  Additionally, the ability to hit up singletrack for most of my runs really enhanced the muscular benefit, in addition to being great practice on somewhat technical terrain.  Just FYI, the two planned workouts for the week (very much specific sessions) were: (1) 6 miles moderate followed by 8 miles alternating half mile segments to average MP (would shoot for something like 2:30-2:35 for the fast halves, 2:45-2:50 for the "recovery" halves to average 5:20s, a.k.a. MP), and (2) 4 x 3 miles at MP w/ 1 mile recoveries 20-30s slower than MP.

Congrats to all the Trials racers and to the Olympic Marathon Team.  Pumped to see Meb pull it out, that guy definitely does not suck.  I'm happy with the women's team, though I kind of hoped Hastings would sneak on.  A lot of impressive runs in both fields.  And the depth on the men's side was incredible!  

"If you're not prepared to help people, there's a weakness in you."
—Pat Clohessy (Rob De Castella’s coach, and the '61 and '62 NCAA 3 mile Champion)