Training, January 23 - 29

Monday: 7 PM - 6 miles easy.

Tuesday: 6 PM - 9 miles moderate.
Had a workout scheduled, but still in a bit of a tired funk.  Pushed it.

Wednesday: 7 PM - 1 mile warmup, 6 miles in 34:06 (5:41 pace) straight into 6 miles in 32:02 (5:20. pace or MP) = 12 miles in 1:06:09, 1 mile cooldown.
Lighter marathon-specific session; not easy, but not killer either.  The plan was 6 miles at 90% MP for the first segment, but it ended up being a bit quicker, which was fine—just made the workout a bit tougher.  MP for the second half; a little tough with a some headwind (which also left me painfully frozen below the belt).  In poor conditions, not feeling well, this workout gave me a decent indication of my fitness.  If the rest of the prep goes relatively well, I think I'll be able to roll through the half in Albany in the 1:10-mid to 1:11 flat range feeling very good, hopefully leading to a negative split. 

Thursday: 6 AM - 6 miles easy.

Friday: 6 PM - 6 miles easy.

Saturday: Noon - 10 miles moderate; GS1.
Had a workout scheduled, some sort of long marathon-specific session, but the conditions sucked (gusting 40 mph winds, very cold, black ice and some snow on the path) and I didn't feel great, so I put it off.

Sunday: Noon - 30 mile basic aerobic tempo (3:08:40 or 6:17/mile).
Solid and beneficial run, though not really a specific session.  However, it will pay benefits in the marathon (and in some of the ultras to follow).  The weather was more or less the same as yesterday, making things tough.  Felt OK, not great.  Hamstrings got pretty fatigued late in the run, after rolling 6 flats for a while around mile 20.  Need to stay on top of strengthening them.

Summary: 81 miles, 1x GS
Lower mileage than I'd have liked—no doubles—and not enough GS work.  Not a particularly bad week, just not a good one either.  I also found out I was named as an alternate for Team USA for the IAU 100k Worlds, by virtue of the 5:32:25 50 mile I ran at the Lakefront race last October.  I almost certainly won't be going as I'm the third alternate (so three guys would have to either turn down their spots or get hurt for me to go), but it was still a nice email to receive.  I knew that the team selectors strongly prefer 100k qualifying times, but I was also trying to state a better case by running a lot faster at Lakefront, where I went through halfway in 2:33:00, haha. :)  

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."