Training, January 16 - 22

Monday: 2 PM - 10 miles easy; GS

Tuesday: Off - Long day, and I could probably use a day to really absorb the training anyway.  Been a little run down.

Wednesday: 3 PM - 4 mile warmup, light drills/strides, 3 mile tempo run in 15:25 (5:07, 5:09, 5:08) on the GHS track, 1 mile easy (6:49), then 6 laps (2400m) of Aussie (or Oregon) 200s - 32, (40), 35, (41), 33, (42), 34, (42), 34, (42), 34, (43) = 7:38 or 5:05/mile pace, 2+ mile cooldown (12 miles total)
  • Fairly cold and windy out, which didn't help things (plus I was just tired from lack of sleep).  Should be getting back on a better schedule soon though.  The plan was 4 miles on the tempo, like I did two weeks ago, but only had 3 miles in me today.  Still a good workout for being a bit run down.
Thursday: 3 PM - 13 miles easy on singletrack

Friday: 2 PM - 9 miles easy-moderate on singletrack; GS

Saturday: Noon - 8 miles moderate-plus (~6:00 pace) straight into 7 x [3:00 hard, 3:00 moderate] to average MP (16 miles total)

  • Feeling pretty beat up heading into the run—perhaps I'm still catching up on sleep, or maybe all the recent trail running has been taking a bit more out of me muscularly than I realized.  Either way, given how I felt, I was pretty happy with the session.  I didn't have accurate half mile splits to do this workout the way I usually do (alternating hard and moderate half miles, averaging MP), so I opted for the 3:00 segments instead.  I was able to catch a few mile splits here and there, and I was averaging 5:20-5:25 pace, so right on target.  This workout is particularly good due to the 8 miles run relatively quickly before the real work begins.  By doing this as opposed to just an easy warmup of a few miles, I was able to (1) cycle through (or partially exhaust) some muscle fibers first, making the fast running around MP more beneficial from a muscular endurance perspective, and (2) enhance my body's ability to burn fat while running quickly by using up a fair amount of glycogen prior to the quicker running.
Sunday: 4 PM - 8 miles easy

Summary: 68 miles, 2x GS

Still sort of getting back onto a normal schedule this week (sleepwise and otherwise), back to Chicago (and the snow) on Sunday.  I'm glad I was able to get my first real marathon specific session in this week, which went passably well.  The next four weeks of training are pretty crucial to the Albany Marathon, so hopefully I can get in the bulk of the planned work.  It won't even be a full Specific Phase, but I think I'm becoming efficient enough as a runner generally, that it will be good enough to run a pretty good race.

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