Shamrock Shuffle Race Report

My fears of getting beat by Amy Yoder-Begley proved unfounded as she was just under 27:00 and I managed to dip under 25:00 myself.  I ended up 14th overall in 24:51.  I believe I was the 6th guy from the Chicago area.  The race was a 21-second PR, so I certainly can't complain.  I think I probably could have gone a bit faster if I hadn't ended up in no man's land from 2.5 miles on.  Additionally, I had two hard workouts earlier in the week and didn't really back off at all for the race.

I went out in 4:54 for the first mile and was at the back of the second pack.  I stayed with and worked through this pack for the next mile (in a similar split) before catching and passing my former U of I teammate, Ryan Giuliano.  I was struggling a bit the final mile or mile and a half, especially running solo, but I held it together alright. 

The most encouraging thing about the race is that it was a relatively significant PR without feeling good, training specifically for the race, or backing off in my training.  Hopefully this simply indicates that my base level fitness is at a higher level than it's ever been.  I am still shooting for a Trials qualifier in Grandma's (which is 10 weeks after the Shamrock Shuffle).  I'm about to shift to my Marathon Specific Phase, and hopefully that will allow me to convert my current level of fitness into sub-2:19 shape.  It might be a bit of a stretch, so I'll just have to see how the training goes and evaluate as I go along...