Training, June 28 - July 4

Monday:  AM - 16 miles - Up-tempo medium-long run.  Got going a little late and was dying in the heat by run's end.
Total - 16

Tuesday:  AM - 9 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls
PM - 6 miles easy
Total - 15

Wednesday:  AM - 17 miles - 30:00 moderate into 6 x 7:00 at MP w/ 3:00 recovery intervals at 6:00/mile pace (hour total).  Workout went pretty well, though had no splits on anything--just on the roads. 
PM - Off, travel (moving to Chicago)
Total - 17

Thursday:  AM - 10 miles easy
Total - 10

Friday:  AM - 9 miles easy plus drills
Total - 9

Saturday:  AM - 22 miles hard - Was supposed to be a progression run, but I'm kind of bad with paces right now, and was rolling 5:45s or better from the start.  Held it until 20, in the heat, then cooldown jogged it in.  Very difficult run. 
Total - 22

Sunday:  Off - unplanned, just didn't get it in on the 4th.
Total - 0

Summary:  89 miles, 1x core, 1x abs, 1x hamstring curls

Not a great week.  Did have a couple of solid workouts, but really fell off the core/abs/hamstring curls, which I had been very good about the last few weeks.  The move up to Chicago didn't help.  Left me very tired a few days, but still, need to turn things back around next week.