Training, July 19 - July 25

Monday:  AM - 9 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls - Ran with Wallor.  Switched up the core routine to Jay Johnson's Cannonball routine.
Total - 9

Tuesday:  AM - 23 miles - abs - Finally was able to complete the workout I tried two and four Tuesdays ago.  30:00 of moderate pace running into a descending ladder of 6k, 5k, 4k, 3k, 2k, 1k w/ 1k rests in 4:00.  The paces on the hard segments decrease gradually to where you're around MP for the 3k/4k intervals and around HMP or faster for the 1k/2k intervals.  I was only able to get through 13k (of 21k possible work) of the hard segments the first time, and 17k the next time.  Today, nailed it.  Times were: ~6:00 pace for 5 miles, then 6k in 20:42 (3:27/k, 5:33/mile), 5k in 16:52 (3:22/k, 5:25/mile), 4k in 13:06 (3:16/k, 5:15/mile), 3k in 9:33 (3:11/k, 5:07/mile), 2k in 6:14 (3:07/k, 5:01/mile), 1k in 3:02 (4:53/mile).  21k of work in 1:09:32 (3:18/k avg., 5:19/mile) (or about a 1:10 half marathon).
Total - 23

Wednesday:  AM - 8 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls
Total - 8

Thursday:  AM - 5 miles easy - light core, abs, hamstring curls
PM - 8 miles - Race Judicata - A 5k for lawyers that I won last year.  Rode my bike down to Grant Park, warmed up about 3 miles, light drills, and strides.  The conditions were pretty bad, 88 degrees, sunny, humid, and very strong winds from the south (so the second half of the course).  The pace wasn't too hot, and I just chilled with it until about 12:00 into the race at which point I took off.  Won by 19 seconds in 16:12.  Splits (if accurate) were something like 5:12, 5: 38, 4:45.  Didn't feel great, but I did do 32 miles on Saturday, one of the best workouts of my life Tuesday, and have been pretty much at full volume.  Got some decent prizes: free pair of NB shoes, a NB duffle bag, bottle of French wine, an apron, and a water bottle.
Total - 13

Friday:  AM - 7 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls - Was pretty beat up from the race.  Just took it easy.
Total - 7

Saturday:  AM - 15 mile progression run
Total - 15

Sunday:  AM - 5 miles easy - abs, hamstring curls
Total - 5

Summary:  80 miles, 4x core, 6x abs, 5x hamstring curls
Started to back off the mileage a bit in anticipation of the Rock 'n' Roll Half next weekend.  The race on Thursday was so-so.  Nothing special, just did what I needed to do to win.  Very pleased with the Tuesday workout.  Next week, just one workout (3 miles at HMP), easy running, and the race........ and the bar exam.