Training, July 12 - July 18

Monday:  AM - 8 miles easy - Ran with Wallor on the lakefront path.  Body was pretty destroyed.  Had trouble sleeping last night.
PM - 5 miles easy - abs - Tried to do hamstring curls, but couldn't get even one in without my hammys cramping.
Total - 13

Tuesday:  AM - 9 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls - Still pretty wrecked.
Total - 9

Wednesday:  AM - 8 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls - 2 sets of drills (heel-to-butts, ankle pops, A skips, B skips, karaokes, springing, bounding) - Feeling decent finally.  Originally had a workout planned for today, but pushed it until tomorrow.
PM - 8 miles moderate - abs, hamstring curls - Ran with Brian Runyon on the lakefront path.
Total - 16

Thursday:  AM - 11 miles - abs, hamstring curls - Had a vo2 max workout today.  After warmup (going about 5:50s in the warmup for 25:00), did 5 x (3 min hard, 3 min moderate).  Humid as shit out, index pushing 100 degrees.  Got started a bit quick, beginning averaging 4:48s and 5:35s for the fast/mod sections.  This wasn't quite sustainable, though the second hard segment was probably still on pace.  Third and fourth both slowed a touch, but not much, and the fifth, held on at 4:50 pace.  The moderate segments got slightly slower each time, until I was at about 5:50 pace for those by the end.  Solid, not great.  Believe it or not, may still be a touch beat up from the special block 4 days ago.  Solid all the same. 
PM - 7 miles easy - hamstring curls

Friday:   AM - 9 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls - Felt decent.
PM - 7 miles easy - Felt terrible.  The heat index was 100+, but still...
Total - 16

Saturday:  AM - 32 miles moderate, 6:02/mile average - Got going by 7:30 a.m. to "avoid" the heat.  However, this is hard to do when the run takes over 3 hours.  Thus, by run's end, it was 93 degrees, w/ a heat index over 100.  I was thrashed.  Drank a lot of water and still lost about 10 lbs on the run.  Original plan was to do 25 easy and then try 5 at MP.  This is very hard workout to do, especially with the heat.  You've gotta go very easy on the first 25 too, e.g. 7 min pace.  I decided a few miles in that I would trash that plan, as I felt pretty shitty.  Considered bagging the long run, but decided it would be good to just man up and do it anyway, just focusing on volume.  Ended up running a pretty good pace too, averaging sub-6 (usually about 5:45s) for the whole last 15 miles.  It's like I can run 5:40-5:50 pace no matter how tired I am.  My hamstrings held up well, but my glutes are just wrecked.  Gonna try to target those additionally in the core stuff I'm doing.
Total - 32

Sunday:  Off - Pretty wrecked from the long run yesterday.  Didn't plan on a day off exactly, but with the Illinois bar exam a week away, studying is taking its toll, and to be honest, a day off after yesterday's session probably isn't a bad idea.
Total - 0

Summary:  105 miles, 3x core, 6x abs, 6x hamstring curls

Solid week all around.  Per usual, not quite as high of mileage as I'd like (though for 6 days it's not bad), but it can be tough with the workouts.  Nothing too crazy this week as early on I was recovering from last week's Special Block, which took some time for sure.  The vo2 max workout on Thursday was solid, nothing too special.  I was happy with the 32 miler Saturday as well.  I think being able to run for over 3 hours at 6 minute pace bodes well for Chicago.