Training, May 31 - June 6

Monday:  9 PM - 13 miles quality - Felt a bit like shit after over-eating all holiday weekend.
Total - 13

Tuesday:  10 AM - 10 miles quality - core, abs, hamstring curls - Out to the XC course, solo.
8 PM - 15 miles - 4 mile w/u, strides, then 4 x 2 mile at HMP w/ 3:00 jog rest, 2 mile w/d.  Original plan was to do mile repeats at HMP on the track, but a bunch of high schoolers were on it.  Switched to the 4 x 2 mile on Woodcrest.  Was shooting for 5:10s, but should have adjusted the times based on the hilly route to something more like 5:15s.  Poor choice not to, as I died as the workout went on... still managed to finish it though.  Times were: 10:15, 10:20, 10:31, 10:51.
Total - 25

Wednesday:  10 AM - 10 miles easy - Solo on campus
5 PM - 5 miles easy - light drills - Ran w/ Tracy and Lindsay
Total - 15

Thursday:  8 PM - 12 miles - Foiled again by high schoolers on the IU track (and by barbed wire surrounding the B-North track).  Original plan was to repeat the 32/45s workout I did last week, but to go longer.  I ended up working out on the Little 500 track.  I should have probably done the same workout just based on effort (since that track is NOT an accurate 400m, and is cinders), but I ended up doing a sprint/float workout instead, where I sprinted (about 95-98% of all-out) the straights and floated on the curves.  Gmap pedometer measured the track to figure out that my 16 laps total was actually 4.08 miles, and that my time of 21:39 for the 16 laps was 5:18 pace avg.  Solid workout.
Total - 12

Friday:  10 AM - 8 miles easy - Ran w/ Hursh out on E Kerr Creek for my last run in Bloomington
PM - Off.  Really should have run, but with travel home, didn't get in until dinner was basically on the table. 
Total - 8

Saturday:  10 AM - 11 miles quality
Total - 11

Sunday:  10 AM - 24 miles quality - Did 20 more or less steady followed by some 600m repeats on the track.  Original plan was 20 miles steady then 10 x 600m @ HMP w/ 200m jog rest.  However, I felt good and really cranked the 20 pretty good (about 5:45/5:50 avg. for the last 14 miles of it), so I didn't have much left for the track portion, especially in the heat.  Managed 5 repeats in 1:56, 1:56, 1:57, 1:56, 1:56 (~5:10 pace), w/ the 200m jog rests all in about 50 sec.  Good workout.
Total - 24

Summary:  108 miles - 1x core, 1x abs, 1x hamstring curls

The training was pretty solid this week.  Not quite as high as I wanted on the mileage (again... though better than last week), but not so bad given three workouts.  I really kind of dropped the ball on the extra core work again this week.