Training, June 7 - June 13

Monday:  10 AM - 9 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls - Some soft surface at the Wildlife Sanctuary
6 PM - 10 miles easy - abs, hamstring curls - I think I've bruised a metatarsal head (that, or pinched a nerve).  Not sure what from, maybe just too thin of shoes and stepped on a rock or something.  Noticed it the last few days, though it's not too bad.
Total - 19

Tuesday:  10 AM - 9 miles easy - abs, hamstring curls
PM - off - Even with a nap, I was super tired
Total - 9

Wednesday:  11 AM - 10 miles w/ workout - core, abs, hamstring curls - 70/70/90 workout where you do two consecutive laps at 70 seconds and one recovery lap at 90 seconds.  Plan was to do 4 continuous reps, or 12 laps (4800 m) in 15:20.  I felt good on my warmup, but didn't quite have it in me to do the whole workout.  Managed 3 reps, then just a 400 in 2:19.6 (1:29.2), 2:21.6 (1:28.2), 2:25.7 (1:29.1), 71.6 = 12:44 for 2.5 miles, or 5:06 pace.  OK workout, but I was expecting better.
5 PM - 1 mile easy - My foot issue really flared up, to where I couldn't run w/out a decent amount of pain, so I stopped and walked back home.  I think the track work in flats may have aggravated it this morning.  No good.
Total - 11

Thursday:  Off, foot issue.  Not sure exactly what it is.  I'm icing and taking some ibuprofen, and hoping it will just sort of go away.
Total - 0

Friday:  10 AM - 10 quality - core, abs, hamstring curls - In Chicago, ran all on grass/gravel.  Foot still hurts some, though it's a bit better.  Going to just try to get on soft surfaces, take some pain killers, keep icing, and see what happens. 
Total - 10

Saturday:  10 AM - 19 quality - Got out for a nice run in the Whitewater Lake area of Wisconsin.  Foot felt so-so.  Stepped on a big rock a time or two, which made it hurt worse.  Got on some good trails for a lot of it... a lot of up and downs.  Good run.
Total - 19

Sunday:  Off - Rode 24 miles (avg. 18 mph) on the bike with Caroline and Clayton to give the foot a rest. 
Total - 0

Summary:  69 miles, 1 workout, 3x core, 5x abs, 5x hamstring curls.

The foot issue notwithstanding, not a bad week.  Got on top of some of the extra stuff I need to.  The workout Wednesday was a bit of a bust.  I think I went out a bit over my head... may need to adjust paces on some planned workouts the next few months to be conservative and make sure I match my fitness.