Training, June 21 - June 27

Monday:  AM - 9 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls - Felt great, probably due to the day off yesterday.
PM - 4 miles easy - Planned on more, but felt like toast.  More weather in the 90s, w/ heat indexes in the 100s is brutal.
Total - 13

Tuesday:  AM - 15 miles - Planned progressive workout of 6k, 5k, 4k, 3k, 2k, 1k w/ 1k recovery intervals.  Goal was to start a bit slower, maybe 3:35/k, cutting down to MP (3:25/k) by the 3k or 2k interval.  Recovery k's were in about 4:00.  I measured a 4k loop out by Glenwood High School, so the workout as on the roads.  Started out too hot, and couldn't finish it.  Wouldn't have mattered much anyway, because a horrendous storm blew in right as I was finishing--hail, etc.  Got through 6k, 5k intervals, then just did two more 1k intervals, so 6k (1k), 5k (1k), 1k (1k), 1k.  Splits:  20:46 (3:27/k), 4:07, 17:05 (3:25/k), 4:10, 3:24, 4:16, 3:16.
PM - 4 miles - abs, hamstring curls - Felt like death again.
Total - 19

Wednesday:  AM - 9 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls
PM - 7  miles easy
Total - 16

Thursday:  AM - 11 miles - vo2 max workout of 6 x (2 min hard, 2 min moderate) on the bike trail.  Felt pretty good.  Based on a few rough splits, seemed to be averaging about 5:15/mile for the whole thing.
PM - 3 miles easy - Felt like 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag.  Should have napped in the afternoon.  I can't really remember when I've felt worse than I did this evening.
Total - 14

Friday:  AM - 9 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls
PM - Off, given how bad I felt yesterday afternoon, and another workout coming up tomorrow.'
Total - 9

Saturday:  PM - 16 miles - Didn't get an early enough start in the morning, so I had to push the workout off until 7:30 pm, though the heat index was still upper 90s even then.  Did 6 miles at date MP, then 10 x 3:00 at HMP w/ 1:30 easy jog recovery.  The workout went great, out on the bike trail.  Hit the 6 miles in 33:00 (5:30 pace, or 3:25/k), then right into the HMP reps, for which I averaged about 5:05/mile (or 3:10/k).  This is the first workout I've really been happy with in a long time.  Hopefully my body's starting to turn the corner and this is a sign of good things to come. 
Total - 16

Sunday:  AM - 6 mile shakeout - core, abs, hamstring curls - Ran very easy, was pretty beat up from last night's workout. 
PM - Off
Total - 6

Summary:  93 miles - 4x core, 6x abs, 6x hamstring curls

This week was pretty solid.  Miles still weren't where they need to be, but two of the three workouts were good, and the other wasn't terrible.  Stayed on top of the core work too.