Training, June 14 - June 20

Monday:  PM - 20 miles quality - In Chicago, up to Evanston.  Turned into a bit of a progression run from 15-18.  Solid run.  Foot felt OK. 
Total - 20

Tuesday:  PM - 9 miles easy - After travel back to Springfield, only got the one run in.  Got poured and hailed on mid-run.  First time that's happened in a while.  Still some foot pain, though not too bad.  Continuing to ice it.
Total - 9

Wednesday:  AM - 13 miles - Planned workout was 6 x 6:00 at date MP (3:25/k, or 5:30/mile) w/ 3:00 recovery at 3:45/k (or 6:02/mile).  Felt pretty good starting out, but the heat got to me soon.  Only made it through 4 reps, or 24:00 of running at MP, 33:00 total.  Hopefully it really was just the heat that was slowing me down.   
PM - 7 miles easy - hamstring curls
Total - 20

Thursday:  AM - 9 miles easy - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls
Total - 9

Friday:  AM - 8 miles w/ strength endurance circuit - abs, hamstring curls - The workout is a Canova one that is a continuous circuit run uphill that consists of: sprint, bounding, sprint, A skips, sprint, heel-to-butts, sprint.  Did it 4 times w/ 4:00 jog recovery.  Foot had been feeling better, but got back in the lightweight Saucony Kinvaras for this workout... probably would have been OK, except I stepped on a big rock in the center of the ball of my right foot during one of the circuits, so now my metatarsal is aching again.  Sha-lame.
PM - 7 miles easy - core, abs, hamstring curls
Total - 15

Saturday:  AM - 10 miles easy progression - core, abs, hamstring curls
Total - 10

Sunday:  Off - Foot bothering me still.  Should have gotten on some soft surfaces for a while anyway.  The 95 degree heat didn't help the decision, but still, not good. 
Total - 0

Summary:  83 miles, 4x core, 5x abs, 6x hamstring curls

Mediocre week.  Did some good things (core/abs/hamstring curls), and got some solid work in, but sort of bombed the key workout of the week, the MP reps.  Hopefully the foot keeps getting better, and I can get my workouts going OK if I avoid the heat.