Training, May 17 - May 23

Monday:  PM - 13 quality - core, abs, hamstring curls - Out on the XC course, nice run, though the ground was a bit soggy
Total - 13

Tuesday:  AM - 9 easy - abs, hamstring curls
PM - 10 easy - strides, light drills
Total - 19

Wednesday:  AM - 13 w/ 7 mile progression run on Woodcrest.  The plan was to do a 10 mile progression, but it was pretty hot and I got rolling a little quicker than I wanted to early on... also just didn't have a whole lot in the legs today.  Splits: 5:44, 5:30, 5:35, 5:28, 5:28, 5:26, 5:20. 
PM - 8 easy w/ strides - core, abs, hamstring curls - Ran w/ Tracy
Total - 21

Thursday:  AM - 8 easy - abs, hamstring curls - felt pretty awful
Total - 8

Friday:  PM - 19 quality - Ran easy to start w/ John out to E Kerr Creek Road... hadn't been out there in a long time, maybe a year and a half.  It was pretty gorgeous.  Despite the humidity, was just enjoying being outside so much that I just kept rolling around campus for a while, picking up the pace pretty good.
Total - 19

Saturday:  AM - 8 easy - abs, hamstring curls - Solo on Rail Trail... felt OK
PM - 9 total, 5 easy into 24 x 100m @ 800 race pace, starting on the minutes (i.e. starting each rep at 1 minute total time, 2 minutes, 3, etc.), 2.5 w/d.  John did the first 12 with me.  I felt pretty good, so just kept rolling them out.  Got this workout from Jenkins... I like it was as a sort of crossover/transition from strides/diagonals to more legit track stuff, which I'll be starting here pretty soon.  Could have done the full 30 that the workout eventually calls for, but being that this was the first time trying this, decided to cap it at 24.  Every rep was between 14.1 and 14.8, w/ a 14.4 or so average time.  That's 1.5 miles of volume at 3:52 1600m pace... probably won't go completely unnoticed by my legs (calves).
Total - 17

Sunday:  AM - 18 quality - Suuuuper hot, started at 9:30 a.m., but this just wasn't early enough.  80 degrees by the time I finished.  Started the run with John, heading out to N Maple loop again, but he had to turn back w/ some injury concerns.  Had a pretty rough go of it... legs feeling last night's light workout. 

Summary:  115 total - 2x core, 5x abs, 5x hamstring curls

Finally getting back on track.  Solid mileage, some core work, and a few extras, plus 2 workouts, which both went fairly well.  Need to keep this trend going.