Training, May 10 - May 16

Monday:  AM - 10 quality
PM - 6 easy - w/ Tracy and Lindsay
Total - 16

Tuesday:  AM - 10 quality
PM - 5 easy w/ 6x short hills - Ran with Tracy and Lindsay again
Total - 15

Wednesday:  PM - 7 easy - w/ Beth and Tracy
Total - 7

Thursday:  AM - 12 miles, attempted workout... Planned on doing 3 or 4 sets of 2 miles at HMP w/ an easy 1 minute jog between.  Got in the first repeat OK, doing about 5:10s, second repeat, was just holding on at the end and still ran a 5:30 second mile.  No good, so I bailed.  It was hot and humid, which couldn't have helped matters, but I still just don't feel like I really have my legs back under me since that horrible month of sickness.
Total - 12

Friday:  AM - 9 miles, got in an unplanned progression/tempo.  Rolled 7+ miles in about 5:35s average. 
PM - 9 quality - abs, hamstring curls - Ran with John
Total - 18

Saturday:  AM - 9 easy
Total - 9

Sunday:  AM - 18 quality - abs, hamstring curls - Ran w/ John out on N Maple St loop from my house
Total - 18

Summary:  95 miles, 2x abs, 2x hamstring curls

Toward the end of the week, finally started to get my legs back under me.  Got a nice little progression/tempo in, started to get some abs/hamstring curls back in the mix, and the mileage wasn't too bad.