Training, Apr. 26 - May 2

Monday:  4 PM - 8 quality - In San Diego.  Still sick, though energy levels are higher.
Total - 8

Tuesday:  10 AM - 11, w/ 3 mile HMP tempo - Still sick, but I felt like I needed to get in something at race pace for the Illinois Half Marathon coming up on Saturday.  4+ mi w/u, tempo in 5:05, 5:09, 5:05 = 15:20 on the track (4800 meters).  Felt OK, not great, not terrible.  4+ mi w/d.
Total - 11

Wednesday:  9 AM - 9 quality - abs, hamstring curls, light core.  I keep planning on doubling, but then I'm super tired in the evenings.  While I'm not as sick as last week, it's still affecting me some.
Total - 9

Thursday:  Noon - 7 easy - abs, hamstring curls
Total - 7

Friday:  8 AM - 5 easy - Travel back to the Midwest and to Champaign in the afternoon/evening.  Flight delayed, didn't actually make it to C-U until about 10 p.m.
Total - 5

Saturday:  7 AM - 17 miles, Race Illinois Half Marathon in Champaign-Urbana.  Ran 1:12:21.  Obviously a pretty awful race, given that I ran 3 minutes faster a month ago on a challenging, hilly course in Bloomington.  Basically, (a) I was still sick after two weeks... and (b) after 5 hours of delayed flights, I got into Champaign at 1 a.m. Saturday morning, slept maybe 5 hours and then raced.  Factor in humidity and some strong winds, and I just felt terrible and died.  Not a good situation, though I know that it's not really indicative of my fitness.  I've had a pretty rough last three weeks.  Next week isn't looking to be great as I have a number of graduation requirements to finish up (graduating one week from today from law school).  Hopefully I'll finally get healthy and after that week be able to get some solid training in.
Total - 17

Sunday: 11 AM - 9 miles quality - abs, hamstring curls
5 PM - 4 miles easy - Felt awful, and still sick.
Total - 13

Summary:  71 miles - 1x core, 3x abs, 3x hamstring curls

Frustrating week due to just not being healthy still, and also because of the shitty race.  Hoping things get better soon.