Training, Mar. 29 - Apr. 4

Monday:  10 AM - 6 easy
Total - 6

Tuesday:  10 AM - 8 easy - abs, hamstring curls - Rail trail run.  I've got a very busy week, and it's a planned down week anyway with the IU Mini Marathon on Saturday.  I still originally planned on getting about 100 miles, but I'm not going to, as I don't really have time to be doubling this week.
Total - 8

Wednesday:  11 AM - 10 easy, w/ 8x short hill sprints - Myrtle core, king deadlifts, abs, hamstring curls
Total - 10

Thursday:  10 AM - 6 easy, w/ a few easy strides - abs, hamstring curls - Rail trail.
Total - 6

Friday:  Noon - 6 easy, w/ a few easy strides
Total - 6

Saturday:  8 AM - 15 quality - IU Mini Marathon race, 1:09:22, 2nd place.  2 mile easy warmup, no real cooldown, as it was raining/getting very cold... just headed inside.  As for the race, I'm fairly happy with it.  This is a tough course, and I have no doubt that I'm currently in better shape than my half marathon PR of 1:08:45.  I was out a bit late last night for a cast party for a play I directed, so had some sluggish legs.  Even so, got a good effort in.  Opened with a 5:30 mile, then let loose down a hill a bit, and nobody went with me.  So I led from 1 mile to 10 miles, opening a gap of about 30 seconds by mile 7.  Stephen Haas and Mark Fruin then started to real me in, Haas catching me around 10 miles.  We ran together most the rest of the way, with him dropping me with about 1200 m to go.  He ran 1:09:16 for the W.  These guys weren't going all out, but I still made it a little more difficult for them, and was able to pick up $400 for the 2nd place effort.
6 PM - 4 easy/regeneration - abs, hamstring curls
Total - 19

Sunday:  11 AM - 8 easy - abs
Total - 8

Summary:  63 miles - 1x core, 4x hamstring curls, 5x abs

OK with the week given how busy I was with school.  Just accepted that the mileage would be low and went with it.  The race went alright.  I'm starting to get into pretty decent shape, and will be looking to pop a significant PR at the C-U half marathon in Champaign next month.  Despite some down weeks here and there due to sickness and my schedule, I've averaged 95 miles a week for the last 24 weeks--nearly half a year.  I think the highest yearly average I've ever had is something like 76 or 78 miles a week.  So clearly, these last 6 months have been a step up in volume, and I'm getting fitter because of it.