Training, Mar. 8 - Mar. 14

Monday:  Noon - 6 easy - Beautiful weather, ran really easy on the rail trail.  Legs felt pretty awkward.  Kind of planned on doubling, but it didn't end up happening.  It will be hard to get good mileage in on the week with just 6 miles today, but I probably could use the recovery.  Only got about 8 hours of sleep, which, of course, was not near enough to recover from a hard 30 miles.
Total - 6

Tuesday:  10 AM - 8 easy, w/ 6 mins hill springing/bounding - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls, king deadlifts, pullups - Solo on rail trail, feeling pretty drained, but still managed to get the springing/bounding in
7 PM - 11 mostly quality, w/ 6 sets of diagonals - Ran the first few miles easy with Liz, then John and I ran out to the XC course and got in diagonals
Total - 19

Wednesday:  10 AM - 15 quality - 10 mile progression run on hilly Woodcrest route, w/ 3 mi w/u, 2 mi w/d.  Intended to more or less just do a steady 5:45 pace tempo, but ended up gradually picking it up a bit.  Splits were: 5:54, 5:45, 5:43, 5:40, 5:34, 5:36, 5:25, 5:30, 5:38, 5:10 for 55:59 total, or 5:36 pace.  Given how tired my legs were from all the work yesterday and the 30 miler three days ago, I was pretty happy with this run.
Total - 15

Thursday:  11 AM - 10 quality - abs, hamstring curls - Ran out on the XC course and trails
4 PM - 7 quality, w/ 10x short hills - Ran with John on trails in the pouring rain.  Got in a set of short hills.  Planned on two sets, but my legs were pretty tired, and I didn't quite feel up to it.  But I felt the strongest I have yet on the 10 reps, so I should be ready to start cranking out two sets next week.
Total - 17

Friday:  2 PM - 11 quality, w/ 6 sets of diagonals - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls, king deadlifts, pullups - Travel up to Chicago in the morning, only had time for one run.
Total - 11

Saturday:  10 AM - 22 quality - abs, hamstring curls - St. Paddy's day celebration in Chicago, did my long run decked out in Irish colors.  The weather was pretty crappy, but it was still a pretty good run, around 6 flats or better for most of it.  Ran into Eric Wallor (an old U of I teammate) on the lakefront path, and we joined each other for a few miles.  He's pretty fit, doing marathon training, and hopefully we can train together some once I'm up in Chicago for good.
Total - 22

Sunday:  1 PM - 10 easy, w/ drills - pullups - Dead tired.  Hadn't been getting the best sleep all week, but then got 5 hours last night (after a long run no less) before an early flight to San Diego for my spring break.  Ran an easy 10 including a mile of barefoot running.  Added drills to my week for the first time in a while, which consisted of: ankle pops, butt kicks, springing, bounding, side-to-sides, A skips, B skips, and a few "A-runs" transitioning into a stride. 
Total - 10

Summary:  100 miles, 2x core, 4x abs/hamstring curls

I was pretty happy with the week, given the traveling difficulties.  The mileage was so-so due to travel, but I got in 5 days of supplementary work of some kind, plus two days of core.  This latter needs to come up, as does the mileage.  Next week should be easier though, as I'm on spring break.  Gonna shoot for 130 miles or so, 3 or 4 times core, and 6 days of supplementary work (which is the full amount I want to be doing in my base phase: 2 days of diagonals, 2 days of short hills, 1 day of hill springing/bounding, and 1 day of drills).