Training, Mar. 22 - Mar. 28

Monday:  10 AM - 8 easy w/ 8 mins hill springing/bounding - Myrtle core, abs, hamstring curls
7 PM - 10 quality - Ran with John.
Total - 18

Tuesday:  10 AM - 10 quality - Felt crappy, didn't get enough sleep.  I'm having a hard time re-adjusting to east coast time after being out in California.
7 PM - 5 easy w/ 4 sets of diagonals - hamstring curls
Total - 15

Wednesday:  3 PM - 4 easy - abs - Felt just absolutely dead.  Total crap.
Total - 4

Thursday:  3 PM - 12 quality w/ 7 mile tempo - Had a great workout.  Decided to shorten my usual 10 mile progression/tempo to 6 miles at HMP, just to get a bit of specific work in before the IU Mini (half marathon) in 9 days.  My hope was to run 5:15s for 6 miles on my normal hilly tempo route.  It was raining and gusting pretty strong winds, making things more difficult.  But I got rolling and felt very good, doing 7 miles instead in 35:57, or 5:08 pace, with the following splits: 5:06, 5:08, 5:04, 5:07, 5:09, 5:14, 5:05.  The time of the run itself was, of course, encouraging--especially given the conditions.  But what really excites me is how easy 5:05 pace felt when I wasn't running uphill or into the wind.  On the few flat stretches, that pace just felt like cruising, and I was barely breathing.  It felt like about half marathon pace.  Which makes me think I'm nearly in shape to go sub-1:07 on a  flat course right now. 
Total - 12

Friday:  10 AM - 8 easy w/ 6 sets of diagonals
6 PM - 8 easy w/ 10x short hills
Total - 16

Saturday:  8 AM - 5 easy
Total - 5

Sunday:  10 AM - 30 quality - Did the Boltinghouse loop with John plus extra.  Another over-distance run, like the one I did three weeks ago.  Didn't have it in my legs (not enough sleep most of the week leaving me tired) to cut it down this time, but still averaged about 6:50s for the whole thing over some pretty outrageous terrain. 
Total - 30

Summary:  100 miles, 1x core, 2x abs, 2x hamstring curls

A mediocre week overall.  I got in most of the supplementary work, but missed one hill session and drills.  I also still didn't get on top of core 3-4+ times like I want.  It was really all a matter of not being well-rested.  I did as much work this week as my body could handle, given my schedule, so I guess I have to accept that.  The tempo was particularly encouraging.  In addition to the Chicago Marathon this fall (where my initial plan was to qualify for the 2012 Olympic marathon trials), I'm doing the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon in August.  I will be doing a proper buildup for that race, and recently, I've been thinking that sub-1:05 is a possibility there (4:57 pace).  That would also qualify me for the trials... and further, it would take the pressure off for the marathon, so I could just let it rip.  After the tempo this week, that 1:04:59 or better goal for August seems like a real possibility.  I just need things to keep progressing in the right direction.

Next week is a down week, with the IU Mini on Saturday.  Mileage will probably be pretty low, as I'm crazy busy with school and a play that I'm directing at the law school.  Will probably be sleep deprived too... just gonna do the best I can with it and hope I'm not too tired on race day.